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To our distance learners that joined us in the second quarter, WELCOME BACK!!! 🙂

we are so happy to see your smiling faces!


here is a picture of the gym schedule. please don’t forget to wear your gym clothes!

kindergarten DAY 5 DAY 4
1st grade DAY 3 DAY 2
2nd grade DAY 5 DAY 4
3rd grade DAY 3 DAY 2
4th grade DAY 5 DAY 4
5th grade DAY 3 DAY 2
6th grade DAY 5 DAY 4
7th grade All wear gym clothes DAY 3
8th grade DAY 2 DAY 1


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!



Enjoy these pictures of Kindergarten and Second grade playing music stop! They are both such an energetic and fun group.


Also, next week, conferences are on Thursday. If you would like to see me, please don’t hesitate to sign up for a slot!

hula hoop rock paper scissors and scooters!!!

Gym Class Action!!!!

Picture 1- 6th grade A+B enjoying the gaga pit!


Picture 2- Kindergarten C+D playing with scooters and hula hoops!

Picture 3- 4th grade A+B playing music freeze!!!

Happy Wednesday!

Hi everyone!!!!

Hope you had a great, long weekend! So excited to get this second week of school started.

Everyone is doing so well with the new procedures and I’m super excited to see what other progress we can make.


Enjoy these pictures of our 8th grade A+B pods! I wanted to give a special shout out to Joe. He is the only boy in this group and he has really been embracing it! He is such a good sport and is always encouraging and helpful to others! Thanks for making my job easy, guys!






HI ALL!!!!


It’s my pleasure to welcome you back to yet another amazing school year here at St. Joe’s. I am very excited to get this year started as it seems like so long ago that I got to see all your friendly faces.


This year is going to be just as fun as last year, but with a couple of twists as I’m sure you can imagine with all the guidelines and protocols- but I’m positive that we can make it happen 🙂


Below is a list of all gym days. Remember, pods A +B and pods C + D travel to specials together. On your designated day, you should wear your gym clothes to school!


So, for example- if you are a 6th grader in pod D, you would have gym on Day 4, and should wear your gym clothes to school that day.


7th graders are all one pod therefore- 7th grade gym day is always day 3 for ALL 7th graders. 



This is going to take a little while to get used to but as long as we have a positive mindset, we can figure it out!!!

kindergarten DAY 5 DAY 4
1st grade DAY 3 DAY 2
2nd grade DAY 5 DAY 4
3rd grade DAY 3 DAY 2
4th grade DAY 5 DAY 4
5th grade DAY 3 DAY 2
6th grade DAY 5 DAY 4
7th grade All wear gym clothes DAY 3
8th grade DAY 2 DAY 1


please reach out to me if you have any questions!!!!



looking forward to our first week! see you soon!


I can’t believe this crazy school year has finally come to an end!

I am so proud of all the hard work we did to make this school year the best it could possibly be given the circumstances. This year has been one to remember!

Thank you guys for a wonderful first year here at SJS!!



Here are some links you can reference over the summer:



I wanted to give a special shout out to Jess and Amber, two students outside of our district, who wanted to share a cool link with us here at SJS.  I know a lot of us love starbucks, so here is a way to make healthy DIY starbucks drinks right from home! Such a fun, easy summer idea! Thanks so much Jess and Amber!

Change of Plans

Hi parents and students!

This next 3 weeks is going to be very hectic. There is going to be a lot of learning on the fly, troubleshooting and honestly, who knows what else. I encourage you all to stay safe but also calm as we navigate this journey together as not only a school, but also a family. 

I realize that gym and health are only specials classes, but a lot of students look forward to these two classes each week. With that being said, I wanted to make sure I put out an idea of what our class schedule would have looked like if we were to be in school. I will also attach links to different websites that are good resources for us to use throughout this time.




My challenge to you all (k-8) throughout this time is to be creative. Get outside in your backyard and M O V E. Create your own games, play with your neighbors, play with your siblings, etc. Do not sit around for 3 weeks playing video games and eating snacks 😉 


In gym class, k-2 would have been venturing into our bowling unit. With that being said, watch some youtube videos on bowling, explore the way the scoring works, learn the terms that go along with it, and maybe set up your own form of a ball and pins in a long hallway or in a safe area approved by parents. 


3-8 would have been continuing our volleyball unit. This was a huge hit among the classes, so I do plan on continuing this unit when we return. However, you can still practice your skills at home. Learn more about serving techniques, practice your hitting footwork, work on your jumping ability, work on hand-eye coordination, learn about scoring and different types of volleyball that can be played, etc. 


Left handed hitters- right, left, right (footwork)

Right handed hitter- left, right, left (footwork)


There is a lot you can do throughout this next couple of weeks. My most pressing suggestion is to just be active. In any way possible. 




Grades 5-8 are going to begin project based classes that are going to be less stressful throughout the 4th quarter because I feel as if this will be a great way to end the school year. With that being said there isn’t much to send home. My challenge to students is to watch a movie or documentary on a social justice issue or topic. 


When we return, students will still be watching the movies that I have picked out for them, so please do not watch any of the following:


5th grade- Simon Birch

6th grade- Stand and Deliver

7th grade- Osmosis Jones

8th grade- Hidden Figures


If you would please save the above movies for class, I would greatly appreciate it. 


FIRST GRADE- We would be staring our first health class throughout this time, however with the chaos, we are just going to begin when we return to school. We technically would only be missing one class, and we will find a way to makeup that time when we return.




If we end up being out of school for longer than 3 weeks, this is subject to change. I will be sure to reach out if changes occur.









Hi everyone! As we are nearing the end of the quarter I wanted to remind you all about health tests coming up!


test days:


5th grade- THURSDAY MARCH 12

today I printed out extra copies of notes for students who needed them and we took a practice test. this test is majority over the parts of the eye, the elements in our world and environmental factors. this test is worth 20 points.


6th grade- TUESDAY MARCH 17

we will do our final review on Monday March 9th. we will also be completing our escape plan projects that day. students were given the review sheet during our last class and we will complete it on Monday.


7th grade- MONDAY MARCH 16

will do our final review on Thursday March 5. This test mostly covers aspects of our immune system and disease prevention. The test is fill in the blank and true and false, out of 23 points.


8th grade- MONDAY MARCH 16

we will be completing our expense report projects and doing our final review on Thursday March 5. This test mostly covers aspects of social justice, healthy and unhealthy behaviors in relationships (in general) and emotional changes in adolescence.





Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday, everyone!


This week has been very eventful. Gym classes have been focusing on track and field skills and health classes have been working on a variety of different topics.



1-4 – conebee, king of the court (bowling pins), gaga pit

5-8- track and field skills, gaga pit



2- skeletal system activity, food group activity

5- layers of the skin project

6- emergency escape plan project

7- human microbiome and disease prevention

8- social justice, social topics


The 6-8 dance is this weekend and I am so excited to be a part of it. I know it will be a ton of fun! I encourage all students who are of age to join us. It will be a blast!




Have a great rest of the week!


Quote of the Week:

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”