Happy Tuesday, everyone!


I am so happy to announce that the Gaga Pit has arrived!

So, this week, we will be finishing up our creative movement standard, and moving onto teaching me how to play Gaga.


The 7th and 8th grade have introduced me to it, and it looks like a ton of fun. I’ve been able to join in a few times and it is very very exciting. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the classes play.




Health classes are studying a wide range of things this week and next.


2nd grade- heart health/ national heart health month

5th grade- layers of the skin project

6th grade- safety plans and household safety

7th grade- human microbiome

8th grade- social charity and social justice




Also, conferences are this week! I’m excited to see those of you who will be joining us. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to stop by my office throughout the night. I am located between 3rd and 4th grade 🙂




Happy Valentines Day <3



Quote of the Week:


“Where there is love, there is life.”



I can’t believe we’ve already made it to the third quarter. This school year is flying by.

I just want to update you all on things we will be covering starting this week in health and gym.


2nd grade had their first health class last week. We will be covering a variety of different topics, some more serious than others. It is important for students to know that these topics are very serious and should be handled with care. During our first class, we discussed the difference between appropriate and inappropriate actions and words in different settings. I was very impressed by their thoughtfulness during this discussion and am excited to dive into the different topics with them!


Today, 5th grade took on the structure of the eye! We are learning about depth perception, refracting light and the different areas of the eyeball.


6-8th grade is learning about health problems and disease prevention. This is a great transition considering we just learned about different body systems. We will be able to better understand how some diseases affect the different body parts and why!



Gym classes are still studying creative movement. 

Lower level grades are working with the scooters while upper level grades are finally finishing our free throw competition and working on creating their own 8 counts to develop their own line dance. This has been very interesting and a blast to watch them let loose and have fun!


Stay tuned for the results of our free throw competition at the end of the week!



Quote of the Week:

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” Kobe Bryant

Hungry Hungry… Second Graders????

The second grade kicked off the first day of the 3rd quarter by playing a gym version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. This was especially fun for me because a lot of them have never heard of this game before!!!

They really enjoyed working together as a team and figuring out which strategies worked the best.

This is all a part of our creative movement standard, and this one is my favorite thus far!!!


Here are some pictures of the second grade enjoying this version of one of my all time favorite games!

(PS- I am very impressed… there were no injuries or arguments!!!!!(:  )

LCCC- 8th Grade

Tuesday was a blast. The 8th grade tackled LCCC’s campus and explored many different STEM pathways. LCCC is a gem in our own backyard that often goes overlooked. They have made some tremendous upgrades and are even home to their very own FabLab and makerspace, where they create very cool designs using their 3D printer.

All in all, the field trip was a success! It’s never to early to start thinking about the future of your education, and I’m glad they were able to see all of the different opportunities out there and get the conversation started.


Here are some pictures of our morning together.



8th Grade Field Trip

Next week, January 14th, the 8th graders and I will be going on a field trip to LCCC! I’m so excited to explore the different STEM areas of the college and spend some time in the FabLab. With that being said, there is a slight schedule change next week.


Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020- (DAY 1)

3rd grade will NOT being having health. Health will be moved to Flex Friday. 4th grade will still have gym, but the time will be 1:20-2:05 instead of before lunch. Kindergarten will be having STEM lab and NO GYM CLASS this day.


I appreciate everyone’s cooperation and flexibility during this time.



8th grade- permission slips are due no later than Monday January 13, 2020. Students must wear their uniform. Students can bring money to eat at LCCC campus (no more than $10) or pack a lunch. We will arrive to LCCC at 9:00 am and depart around 12:15 pm. 

Cotton Eye Joe

As we prepare for Catholic Schools week and our Student Appreciation Day dance party, gym classes are learning how to do the “Cotton Eye Joe” line dance!


Students in grades 1-8 have been having a blast learning different styles of creative movement. We will be learning classic dances such as the electric slide, the cha cha slide, the macarena and many many more.


So far, the Cotton Eye Joe has been the most successful throughout all of the grades. I can’t wait for them to showcase their moves for their homeroom teachers at the dance party!


Pictures to follow.



Quote of the Week: “The job of feets is walking, but their hobby is dancing.”


Welcome back, everyone!!!


I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break! It sure was nice to take some time off and focus on family and friends, and spending the holidays remembering the things that are important in life.


I realize it’s been some time since we last spoke! So, here is a rundown of what is to come throughout the end of this quarter:

Monday Jan 6: DAY 1

third grade health- completing allergies and diseases unit

4th grade gym- continuing line dancing unit in our new gym!!!

kindergarten gym- conbee with variations


Tuesday Jan 7: DAY 2

5th grade health- final collection for Q2 project (create a plate). homework was collected last week. final review before Q2 test (test on Wed. Jan 15, 2020).

5th grade gym- continuing line dancing unit, continuing foul shot competition

6th grade gym- continuing line dancing unit, continuing foul shot competition


Wednesday Jan 8: DAY 3

7th grade health- final review and study guide (cookbook due AND test on Thurs. Jan 16, 2020)

1st grade gym- conebee with variations

8th grade health- final review and study guide (cookbook due AND test on Thurs. Jan 16, 2020)


Thursday Jan 9: Day 4

2nd grade gym- continuing dancing/yoga/workout unit

6th grade health- final review and study guide (test on FLEX Friday Jan 17th 2020)


Friday Jan 10: FLEX Friday




5-8 health classes will be testing the week of 01/13/20-01/17/20

7 + 8 grade cookbook projects are due 01/16/2020

7 + 8 grade testing 01/16/2020

5th grade testing 01/15/2020

6th grade testing 01/17/2020



Renovations won’t stop us!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This week has been an insane amount of fun. With the renovations going on, we’ve had to change the setting of gym class. So… We turned our classrooms into a dance floor!

This unit is all about different body movements, dancing and yoga. We kicked the unit off by doing some different dances, including line dancing!

All classes have really been enjoying this time to be silly and goofy all while getting some good exercise in, right in the comfort of their classrooms. Below are some pictures and videos!





Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season. Enjoy your winter break. See you next year!!!!!



Quote of the Year: “It is amazing what good you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”


Hello everyone!!!!!

This is just an update for what we have going on moving forward until Winter Break!


GYM: Next week, the gym is getting soundproofed. While we all are very excited for this new upgrade, it’s going to take some cooperation because we won’t be allowed in the gym all week. With that being said, gym classes next week will likely be in the classroom or in the room in the library where we have indoor recess. This will be perfect for our next unit: Line dancing, yoga and sportsmanship. This unit is relaxed and fun all at the same time. I can’t wait to transition to this new chapter!

We will still be continuing our foul shot competition throughout the next unit.


HEALTH: Next week we will be playing a review game and working on finishing up our quarterly projects. I understand that there is a long break coming up, so I don’t want to teach any brand new material until we come back from break. Grades 6, 7 and 8 will test on class 7, the last class before the quarter comes to a close. Grade 5 will test on class 8, which is still the last class before the quarter.

6th grade: Tomorrow, Flex Friday, is the day for our big STEM project! We will be creating our own circulatory system model. Please remember to bring in any materials you might want to use as a “heart” (pump).





Quote of the week: “If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.”



Happy Wednesday

Happy middle of the week!


Things have been busy, busy preparing for this upcoming holiday break!


In health we’ve been reviewing our body systems as much as possible, creating webs and other study tools to be sure we can be successful when the test comes! I know this information is pretty heavy, but it’s important to know moving forward. We’re doing our best to spice things up and make it more fun and interesting.


In gym, we’ve been learning all about the fundamentals of basketball, building up to be ready to play a real game!

Students have been very helpful. Our knowledge of basketball as a whole is very wide ranged, and students who have more knowledge than others have been very supportive of those just learning. I love to see the collaboration and teamwork.

Starting soon, we will be doing a foul shot competition between 5th-8th grade classes. This will help us see our improvement from week one of basketball to week 3-4. I can’t wait to give you all more information about our success!



Last Friday, I had the pleasure of aiding in the 1st grade classroom. Mrs. Thompson really does a great job engaging these students and pushing them to work to their fullest potential. Look what they made on FLEX Friday!!! Their own rendition of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’m very impressed by their creativity and efforts. Good job, 1st grade!!!