A look back at 2018-19

look back


Take me out to the ballgame……..

We enjoyed the ballgame and learned too.  We meet with the Metro Park to make grass buddies,  the Lorain Library to do STEM activities and the JVS.  We had an enjoyable day.

STEM PBL – Entire school

We built a prototype of our freestanding garden along with veggie prototypes in it.  This way students can see and figure out which veggies can be planted based on spacing.



Math Robots

Math-Area and Fractions!!!!

Wow! We have just finished a unit on area. Having just learned this information will allow our class the opportunity to design the raised garden beds for our Community Garden PBL. We will begin our design of rectangular and square boxes using feet as our unit of measurement on 3-15-19. With area being completed, we are now moving onto fractions. This topic is scary for many but with their dedication and perseverance, I know they will succeed!!!




Science-Diorama Adaptations Project

In conclusion to a lesson on Adaptations, students were asked to create a diorama to depict the adaptation of an animal of their choice. The adaptations to choose from were camouflage, mimicry, hibernation or migration. The students showed that they were able to recognize adaptations that allow organisms to survive in certain environments and and how these adaptations help them survive. Their work is being displayed outside the classroom for all to see!



Our Lenten Reflection

Lenten Season for Third Graders 2018

Third graders have been very busy learning about Lent. This Lenten season gives us all 40 days to renew ourselves for Easter. The students are learning to walk with Jesus through his Passion and Death and learning about how important the small sacrifices of time, talents or treasures are and how deeply they relate to living a good Christian life.
We decorated our classroom door as the 10th Station, Jesus is stripped of his garments. Each classroom is displaying a station to allow the students to see and remember how much he suffered for us as he made his way to his death on the cross.




MAP Testing

We have begun testing.  Please make sure that your child has a good breakfast and plenty of sleep.  We want them alert and ready!

Pre-Christmas fun…….

Food Insecurity and Inequality

Today the students participated in a Hunger Banquet.  Third graders along with the whole school were able to visualize inequality in society and the inequality with food.  Please ask your child to tell you all about it!


Fall News


Recently the students were given the challenge of building the tallest free-standing structure with only toothpicks and candy corn.  This was one of the last fall activities that we worked on before getting ready for the holiday season.  They thought this was going to be super easy-however they found out just how difficult it was!  Students were very surprised when they were shown that candy corn could be molded into balls which made it much easier to use!.



The third-grade students have also been very busy working on main idea and key details for reading.  They recently put their skills to work and matched up feather details to the matching main idea turkey.  They have been studying author’s point of view, cause and effect and most recently poetry.


Our main idea in this current lesson deals with food chains and food webs.  Both show how organisms in an ecosystem depend on each other.


We have now moved into division and how it relates to multiplication.  Students are using all the skills and strategies to learn how to divide with factors from 0-9.