Amherst Historical Society Field Trip

Recently the 3rd Grade students took a field trip to the Amherst Historical Society.  Here they learned more about the history of Amherst and got to see up close the artifacts of a time long ago.  Preceding their tour, the students were taught many things including the early landforms, early Pioneer life, first settlers, the naming of our community, schools and streets, the importance of the railroad, town hall and the library.  Most importantly, how the natural resources helped Amherst become the Sandstone Capital of the World.  We explored several outbuildings such as the church, garage, train, fire station garage and got to see the Blacksmith in action. and best of all had lunch in the one-room schoolhouse after some mini-lessons taught by Mrs. Rice.  We ended our day exploring an old house and realizing the many features that we have today were not the features of long ago.  It was an amazing experience.  As you can see by the photos, the students really had a great time.


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