Fall News


Recently the students were given the challenge of building the tallest free-standing structure with only toothpicks and candy corn.  This was one of the last fall activities that we worked on before getting ready for the holiday season.  They thought this was going to be super easy-however they found out just how difficult it was!  Students were very surprised when they were shown that candy corn could be molded into balls which made it much easier to use!.



The third-grade students have also been very busy working on main idea and key details for reading.  They recently put their skills to work and matched up feather details to the matching main idea turkey.  They have been studying author’s point of view, cause and effect and most recently poetry.


Our main idea in this current lesson deals with food chains and food webs.  Both show how organisms in an ecosystem depend on each other.


We have now moved into division and how it relates to multiplication.  Students are using all the skills and strategies to learn how to divide with factors from 0-9.

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