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Getting STEMMY on Halloween

New Year with new and exciting things ahead

Starting off the New Year with some creative building and some computer coding!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

STEM Challenge: Can we make a bridge to hold a Gingerbread Man???

Why, yes we did!



Happy Thanksgiving

Pumpkins…Pumpkins and more Pumpkins

This month we began by making a foldable about pumpkins!  We studied about pumpkins and learned a lot of pumpkin facts.  We measured pumpkin circumferences,  estimated how tall our pumpkins were with cubes and then measured to get the best actual height, the life cycle and a vote on how people like to eat pumpkins.  At the end of the month, students estimated the number of seeds they thought their pumpkin had and then all the fun.  We cut them open and counted all the seeds for an actual count.  Students estimated very low and were surprised the number of seeds in each pumpkin! We answered questions about our pumpkin relating to our senses.

Amherst Sandstone Village

Today we went to the Amherst Historical Society and Sandstone Village.  We have been studying the history of Amherst and its earliest inhabitants.    We spent time in the Quigley Museum.  The house built by Mr. Quigley back in the 1820’s.  We walked to the Harris/Dute house and explored a house of long ago.  The students spent some time in the one-room schoolhouse and experienced lessons in spelling and cursive.  We also had time in the St.George Chapel, the Blacksmith Shop, the Ferrier Shop and Machine shop, and the caboose.  It was a great day to see the things the students were learning about.

A look back at 2018-19

look back


Take me out to the ballgame……..

We enjoyed the ballgame and learned too.  We meet with the Metro Park to make grass buddies,  the Lorain Library to do STEM activities and the JVS.  We had an enjoyable day.

STEM PBL – Entire school

We built a prototype of our freestanding garden along with veggie prototypes in it.  This way students can see and figure out which veggies can be planted based on spacing.