Science Class

The students have been learning about living things in science class and that cells are the building blocks of life. This past Friday they were able to put their observation skills to the test and communicate their findings. They used two different types of science tools to observe an onion. Students used a hand lens and a microscope. It was a wonderful time filled with amazing discoveries! They were so excited to see how the onion cells looked under high magnification.

Looking under the microscope, using a magnifying glass…..what did we see?



Welcome Back to School!

It’s only been three days, but the students have done a wonderful job of getting back into the routine of things.   They are excited to learn and seem like they are happy to be back.

We have already begun a study of folktales, learning about themes, the purpose of close reading, understanding context clues,  decoding strategies and the use of graphic organizers.

We have jumped right into math and have begun learning about multiplication as repeated addition.  Students will learn to use this to show the relationship between multiplication and addition.  Many real-world problems involve joining or separating equal groups or making comparisons that can be solved using multiplication.

Student’s are looking forward to learning cursive, reading about communities in our social studies and learning about living things and their needs in science.