Praying for sunshine

Hello everyone,

While we welcome longer days of sun and wait for warmer weather, every class is pressing on learning about all the ins and outs of their health.


8th grade just began learning about mental health and wellness including common mental disorders that people are diagnosed with and how they cope in life.

7th grade just began diving deep into the immune system and will be participating in a debate on the function and effectiveness of vaccines on their health.

6th grade has been discussing relationships and the importance of maintaining healthy communication as well as skills to help them communicate with people who have differing opinions.

5th grade is finishing up learning the different body systems and are finishing up with the cardiovascular system and will be discussing the pathway of blood flow.  In upcoming lessons they will be building their own model of the system

2nd grade has been learning about how to keep themselves safe at home when they are around different substances such as cleaning supplies and paint.  They will be finishing up personal safety by learning about fire safety and what to do if they ever had to deal with a fire.

Phys Ed


8th grade has been practicing and will continue to practice golf skills from chipping to putting. They will be working together to build a golf course that they will practice their skills on

7th grade has been working on different manipulative skills in different sport activities and will get to explore creative movement in the future.

6th grade has been working on developing team jump rope performances after drawing inspiration from a recorded jump rope team and they will be performing to a song of their choice in an upcoming lesson

5th grade has been working on performing a pair jump rope activity that they choreographed with their partner to a song of their choice that must last a minute to a minute and a half.

4th grade has been working on footwork skills and agility by utilizing jump ropes and they have been competing with the individuals in their class

3rd grade has been practicing multiple manipulative skills with rolling, kicking, and throwing with risk based games where they can score points but still have the possibility of losing the game in a mini game on the side

2nd grade has been practicing using tools such as nets to catch and collect objects thrown to them in different capacities such as bounced, overhand, or underhand.

1st grade has been practicing different evasion skills and they have been playing modified versions of capture the flag and tag to emphasize the skills of dodging and evading someone.

kindergarten has been exploring creative movement with partners and developing their ability to think of ways to move in unconventional ways when instructed to travel from A to B


I have been very pleased with the effort and willingness to improve by all of the students and I look forward to seeing how they apply their skills in future applications.