Aladdin, Jr. CAST LIST!

After some amazing auditions (and some REALLY hard choices!!), I am so excited to present the cast of our spring musical!! Congratulations, everyone!

Cast List

Aladdin – Jake Nagy

Babkak – Shawn Schilla

Omar – Amira Sliman

Kasim – George Gendics

Genie – Bella Bennett

Jafar – Mia Towne

Iago – Matt Baldwin

Jasmine – Mallory Makruski

Isir – Maddie Jeffries

Manal – Emily Amato

Rajah – Kenna Penhollow

Sultan – Caleb Dittmer

Razoul – Michael Marrero

Guard 1 – Lilly Stewart

Guard 2 – Audrey Ilcisko

Guard 3 – Audrey Crossan

Beggar 1 – Abby Evans

Beggar 2 – Sydney Crossan

Beggar 3 – Emily Csanady

Apple Vendor – Lauren Amato

Fortune Teller – Riley Baker

Shop Owner – Julia Gillispie

Prince Abdullah – Jozsef Mezslenyi

Abdullah’s Attendant 1 – Lilly Stewart

Abdullah’s Attendant 2 – Audrey Ilcisko

Abdullah’s Attendant 3 – Audrey Crossan

Spooky Voice/Cave of Wonders – Jacob Gillispie

Agrabahn Citizens/Ensemble:

                             -Noah Lewis

                             -Juliana DiMacchia

                             -Peyton Alverson

-Tim Buckley

                             -Michael Marrero

                             -Lilly Stewart

                             -Audrey Ilcisko

                             -Audrey Crossan

                             -Abby Evans

                             -Sydney Crossan

                             -Emily Csanady

                             -Lauren Amato

                             -Riley Baker

                             -Julia Gillispie

                             -Joszef Meszlenyi

                             -Jacob Gillispie

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone… the 6th grade is making sure to take some time to explore the benefits of mediation!

Thanksgiving Fun on FLEX Day!

The 6th graders explored some crafts that may have been made around the time of the first Thanksgiving! They were given a wealth of materials, and from those were to create a “stick and loop” game. The object is to catch the loop on the stick. They were encouraged to experiment with length of string, size of loop, material of the loop, etc. They had a ton of fun!


Sticky Shoes?

8th grade put their knowledge of static and sliding friction to the test today! We used a spring scale to measure the force it took to overcome the static friction of our tennis shoes, and also measured the sliding friction across the tabletop. It was lots of fun, even if we had to plug our noses!!

How does water drain through soil?

As part of our study of groundwater, the 7th grade got to model water drainage through different materials. They partially filled a beaker with small pebbles, then topped it off with sand. Then, they poured water into a “sprinkler” over the beaker to simulate rainfall and observed how the water drained through the beaker.

Seeking experts!!

The 6th graders are hard at work narrowing down a final topic for this year’s PBL. We know we want to do something to help solve the issue of single-use plastics, and have narrowed it further to specifically plastic bags and baggies. If you (or anyone you know) have some expertise in the implications of this type of pollution, or know of an organization tackling this issue in search of a partner, please let us know!

Camp Christopher 2019

What a week! Last week the 6th graders got the fantastic opportunity to attend Camp Christopher. This is an overnight trip (a first for many kids!), and gives us a chance to get to know each other a little bit better while experiencing some outdoor education. Some favorite activities included the low-ropes course, the campfire, and the nature hike.

Happy Spirit Day!

Wooooo Go Trojans! To help celebrate our school pride, the 6th grade took some time today to brainstorm some reasons why SJS is so great. We then categorized our list, and the students got into groups. Our goal is to create a short commercial advertising why someone might want to come to SJS!

Using Tools!

7th grade got to get hands-on in science today! We have been learning about the tools a scientist uses, and the 7th graders put that knowledge to use by first finding the mass of an object using a double pan balance. They then used a digital balance to check their work, and had to justify the use of one tool over the other.