All Soul’s Day

Today for All Soul’s Day, the 6th graders held a small prayer service for our dearly departed. Students brought in names of loved ones, and those names were written on our candle. Today, we lit the candle, and prayed the rosary as a class. We dedicated our prayers to the individuals named on our candle, as well as the souls of all the departed.

Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders had some fun with dry ice! They first had to do a bit of research about dry ice (specifically sublimation), which was made more fun with the addition of flasks of brightly colored liquids a-bubbling away.

Then, we used the dry ice to make Boo Bubbles! They had an absolute blast!



Adventures at Camp Christopher

The 6th grade class just returned from two wonderful days of environmental education at Camp Christopher! During our stay, the students collaborated, communicated, concentrated, hiked, crafted, sang silly songs, and much more. Pictured below is the 6th grade class in the remains of camp legend Manville Thorp’s cabin. Please head over to our St. Joseph Facebook page to take a look at all our pictures!

Mitosis and Microscopes!

The 6th graders have been learning about cells and the process of cell division (mitosis). Today, we got a chance to look through microscopes (a first for some!) at prepared slides showing to root tips of an onion. These roots were in the process of growing when the slides were prepared, so the students were able to see cells in various stages of mitosis. They loved it!

Graphing Speed

The 8th grade continued their study of velocity and acceleration by creating a distance-time graph. We created a track, marking off every 0.5 meters, and set up a ramp with textbooks. We then practiced simultaneously starting and stopping our stopwatches (this took a couple tries…. ). Once we got the hang of it, we stationed students at each half-meter mark, and rolled a ball down the track. The students logged how long it took the ball to travel the track, and then eventually graphed the results.

Graphing Motion

8th graders put their science lesson into practice today by trying to mimic the motion shown on a distance-time graph. They had to recognize when to move, when to stand still, and when to change their speed.

Our first S.O.L.E.

This week, the 6th and 7th graders were able to take part in a SOLE. SOLE stands for “self-organized learning environment”. During a SOLE, groups of students are given an open-ended question, and pretty much set loose. They are given 60 minutes to research the topic, come up with an answer, and develop a basic presentation. To encourage full group participation, each group is only allowed to use one piece of technology.

6th grade Social Studies SOLE question this week was: “Is Globalization a Good Thing?”

First Flex Day!!

6th grade kicked off the year in a “stemmy” way by completing a mini design challenge. The challenge was to build the tallest tower. The constraints were mainly material-based. Each group was given 100 3×5 note cards. They could bend, cut, or tear the note cards however they wanted, but they could not glue or tape the cards together. I was very impressed with their teamwork! Our tallest tower reached a towering 149.5 cm tall (that’s almost 5 feet!!)

Kicking off 2018-2019!

Welcome back! We had an excellent day getting back into the routine of desks, lockers, and 20 minute lunches! Please continue to check back weekly for fun updates, pictures, and descriptions of things we’re doing in class.

Also – PARENTS!! Please double check that you are signed up for our text alerts for this school year! This is the best way to ensure that you are kept in the know about schedule changes, dress down days, etc. To sign up, text the message “@sjsparen” to the number “81010”.

Listed below is our 6th grade Specials schedule for your reference:

Day 1: MUSIC

Day 2: GYM*

Day 3: ART




*please remember that our gym uniforms are NEW this year! You can purchase them through Schoolbelles.

Enjoy Your Summer!!

We made it through another year! Enjoy your summer, sleep in (but not too late), and eat lots of ice cream! In an effort to keep your STEM brains sharp during the next few months, I’m sharing some of my favorite science-y YouTube channels over in my Resources tab. These channels explain everyday science in fun, easy-to-understand ways. I hope you’ll sprinkle some of these in with your daily YouTube-ing, you’ll be surprised at what you learn!!

See you in August!!