Messy Summer Science!

Keep science-ing this summer! Use the links below to look into some science activities that are probably best done outside 🙂
(Disclaimer – please make sure to ask permission before emptying materials from your cupboard, or making a giant mess)

Exploding Chalk Art – We all know vinegar and baking soda are fun… This activity uses that reaction combined with food coloring and corn starch to make some colorful sidewalk art!

Walk on oobleck – (I hope) We all have gotten a chance to play with this crazy stuff. If not – definitely try it! Mix cornstarch and water together to create this crazy “fluid” that doesn’t always act like a liquid!
This activity takes it to the next level. I’m NOT suggesting you fill a kiddie pool with this stuff (YIKES $$$), but maybe one of those disposable cake pans could work – try to step in and out of the pan without getting your feet dirty!

Giant bubbles! – This activity does involve a kiddie pool. You’ll make your own bubble solution using dish soap and water, then use a hula hoop and some yarn for the “bubble maker”. See if you can fit someone inside the bubble!

Exploding watermelon! – You’ve probably seen the Youtube videos on this one – put rubber bands around a watermelon until it explodes! I’ve personally done this one – it’s fun! It does take a lot of patience (and a LOT of rubber bands…), but the good news is, if you’re willing to rinse watermelon bits out of the rubber bands, they can totally be reused.

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