A Look Back


A Grand Adventure



Our field trip was a great success. We started by learning a ton of knowledge at the fire station. First graders were able to tour the station, learn all about the tools firefighter use to save lives, and explore the inside of a real fire truck. A huge thank you to the Amherst Fire Department for having us!  Then we walked to the Amherst Library to learn all about their summer reading program and hear some out-of-this-world stories! Thank you for always making SPACE in your schedule for SJS. After the library we walked to the park for lunch and an afternoon filled with exercise, fresh air, and fun! A grand adventure indeed!

Rock The Challenge



We were so blessed to have such a wonderful day to Rock the Challenge!

Digging for Tomorrow

The seeds were planted, the sprouts have grown, and now it’s time for them to meet their new home! We had an outdoor adventure today as we filled the planters with dirt and gave our plants soil and sunshine. The vision is taking shape. We are planting today so that others can have a better tomorrow!

Building Jerusalem

First graders had an excellent time learning all about Jerusalem and following in Jesus’s foot steps.  They were able to see photographs of where many of the well know events took place and then built a map and city out of blocks to visualize how everything fit together.  This was an amazing way to end the season!

Observing Lent

First grade has been observing Lent in many different ways this season.  We first began with learning about what it means to Pray, Fast, and Give during this time and how at their age they can participate.  Students then came up with their very own ideas of how they could take part in these 40 days in a very meaningful way.  As a class, we then spent time reflecting as we made our door for Stations of the Cross. Each student wrote one sin that would rest under Jesus and emulated how our sins paved the road that he walked on.  We also spent time praying while making individual crosses that would then be put together to create one greater cross.  Our Lenten journey will continue throughout the season helping us to grow in our faith.

Ready, Set, READ!

You can read here, you can read there, you can read a great book anywhere! First graders celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday and kicked off National Reading Month with some very special reading time.  They enjoyed reading in many different ways and many different places.  We will be focusing on improving our reading skills and, as always, working to create a love for reading and learning!

Everyday Stem

In first grade we were able to fit some STEM thinking into our everyday curriculum.  After reading in our science text book, students were given time to immediately put what they had just read to work.  We didn’t start out with any specific challenge other than to take the tools given and apply what we had learned.  Students were able to extend our lesson past the text and inspire other new learning avenues.

Valentine’s Day Kindness Challenge

The whole school was given the challenge of writing acts or words of kindness on index cards and building them into a tower.  I thought that one pack of 100 index cards would be plenty and present the first graders with another challenge of coming up with 100 kind words and actions.  Boy was I wrong! The students blew me away with all of their great examples of kindness. I couldn’t believe how quickly they were able to fill 100 cards so, then we set out to meet the next part of our challenge: THE TOWER.  After 7 failed attempts and a slight lean, our growth mindset was in full swing and we finally built our kindness tower. These 100 examples help to remind us that there is always a way for our faith to shine when we extend kindness to those around us.

100th Day

We are so excited to be 100 days smarter! The first graders explored so many different ways of looking at 100.  Students were able to see what 100 dollars and 100 pennies looked like and where would 100 steps take us. They took on challenges like fitting 100 drops of water on a single penny, doing 100 exercises, stacking 100 cubes, and much, much more.  We finished our day by reflecting on the idea that if we could gain this much knowledge in 100 days, then what amazing knowledge could our elders have that they may be willing to share with us!