First Flex Day!!!

First grade had an amazing first Flex day filled with learning about Growth Mindset.  They learned about what it takes to have a growth mindset everyday with posters, coloring pages, activities, and finished by reading Your Fantastic Elastic Brain. After a morning of learning all about our new mindset, we spent the afternoon putting it to the test. Our challenge was from Rapunzel, in which we had to build Rapunzel and Prince Rider a new tower to live in that would keep them safe.  The requirements for the challenge were that it must be one foot tall, it must fit our Lego people in it to represent the characters, only one medium may be used for the tower, and it must have a flag on top made from a different medium.  As we started the challenge, many towers began to fall. This created the perfect opportunity to put their Growth Mindset to work.  Not one single student became upset or gave up on the project! They all kept improving their ideas and structures until they were able to meet the challenge.  I would call this first Flex Day a total success!