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Seuss Inspiration

The theme of the day, “Unless  someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” Our PBL is really taking shape and a great way to show students how they can take action to improve the world around them.  After writing and refining rules of the playground, first graders worked to make a Google Slide presentation and a brochure to inform community members on the safe way to play. After Excell time, Edmentum, technology, and reading a few pieces of books by Dr. Seuss, students took on a STEM challenge to build their version of the famous “Truffula Tree.”  Some inspired creations took shape, each unique just like the SJS First Graders!

The Science of Our Playground

In Science, we discovered how Force and Motion are in our everyday lives and play a big role in our PBL.  Students put there book learning into action. First graders experimented with building their own ramps and then modified them to include structures that they would see on the playground. What better way to explore this topic then to use what we are doing right now in our PBL to demonstrate these standards.


Share the Love

First graders took a little break from our PBL to enjoy Valentine’s Day.  We read the “Love Monster” to remind us how to share the love. Our Excell time was filled with love themed learning. Students then built their very own adorable love monster that had to be 3-D, free standing, and of course friendly.  We even used the “Love Monster” to make our Valentine’s bags. Love and friendship were all around us in First grade!

Groundhog Day is on the Way

Groundhog Day is always a great time to explore science as we try to predict what Punxsutawney Phil will say.  We learned all about the habitat of a groundhog and then students were challenged to design their own groundhog den.  It had to include main entry, spy hole, sleeping chamber, and yes, a bathroom chamber.  What a fun day exploring this long-standing tradition through Science.

Mapping It Out

First graders worked on a giant playground map today. We were so grateful to the Fifth Grade Class who used their higher level knowledge of Area and Perimeter to build us 3-D models of the recess equipment that we measured.  This step helped first graders really visualize how they could lay out the equipment with safety zoning included.  There were natural constraints and later some surprise constraints thrown in but, students redesigned and redesigned until everything had a potentially perfect home. Growth Mindset and Resilience were very prominent in our classroom today.

Putting Math to Work in Our PBL

In Math we have been learning all about Measurement and Data.  Here we are putting these newly learned skills to work through our PBL.  Students measured equipment that will be making it’s way to Saint Joe’s playground. We are so excited to use our learning to benefit our school and community!

Feverish Flex Day Fun

First graders had a very busy day planning for our PBL, working on Edmentum, learning new technology, and conducting some research.  The day was packed with hands on learning. It’s easy to see through our photos how engaging this style of learning can be.

Flexing in 2020

Our first FLEX Friday of 2020 was packed with fun and learning. We started our day with morning meeting as a school and then it was off to the races! Excel time was filled with accelerated learning topics like: time, 2-digit addition without regrouping, measurement in standard and nonstandard units, and a little geometry.  We then took an in-depth look at the First Commandment and completed a Freyer Model chart to learn how to focus our prayer time and make it meaningful.  First graders then worked on Reading in Edmentum and learned how to use Word Processing Programs in Technology.

After a little break for lunch and recess we were back at it!  First graders listened to the story “Snowmen at Night” and looked at magnified snowflakes to start our STEM project for the day.  Students were then given a sheet of wax paper and we discussed translucent, transparent, and opaque objects.  As the challenge began students were told they may use their hands or scissors as their only tools.  They had to figure out how to turn the transparent wax paper into an opaque state! After many different methods were tested, students found that folding and cutting then piling the paper up were two ways to transform our medium.  Students then made their very own snowflakes with the tiny cut pieces to symbolize the crystallization of water. The learning and fun continued with an opinion writing piece. Would you rather build a snowman or a snow fort? After writing about their vote students made their very own Picture Graph to extend our current topic in Math.  After all of that, our first FLEX Friday is in the books!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!