Adaptation Exploration

Throughout the week, students studied plant and animal adaptation in Science.  So, on this FLEX day we decided to put our knowledge to work and expand our understanding .  The students worked in groups to match adaptations to animals, test why adaptations are unique to certain animals, explore the purpose they serve, and create a camouflage work of art.  We took our learning to the next level and camouflaged IT in fun!

The Dot

What a busy FLEX day for the first grade. Students started their day by working on their STEM monsters that they were designing for the October bulletin board outside the office.  We then read a very inspiring story called The Dot.  This book tells the story of a young girl that is certain that she is not good at art, but when challenged by her teacher to just “make a mark” the results are very surprising!  We talked a lot about how we make our mark on the world and even when we think we may not be good at something, it’s always worth a try.  You may be very surprised with your results. Then each student was given one black dot and a sheet of white paper.  They were challenged to keep an open mind and be creative.  What could one dot become?

We finished the day with a pep rally and a group photo to show our school spirit. This day was pack with fun and learning that will surely leave a “mark” on our journey in first grade.

Serving Our Community

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Growth Mindset

The first FLEX day was a great big hit as we stretched the boundaries of our brain.  The students learned all about Growth Mindset and how to change the way they see failure.  Each time we fail our brain grows a little more as we  persevere to find success. First graders were then challenged to stack cups as a team without using their hands or bodies. Many cups hit the floor and many strategies were put to the test.  Our greatest achievement was that not one student became frustrated or gave up. We will be practicing Growth Mindset everyday with a wall of encouragement to remind us that failure just makes us stronger.

First Grade Fun

The first graders are off to a fantastic start! We have spent time learning all our classroom rules and procedures and exploring our daily schedule.  We have started our educational journey in all subject areas with some review, reading, and projects.  This year will be filled with fun and learning so sit back and watch your child grow!

A Look Back


A Grand Adventure



Our field trip was a great success. We started by learning a ton of knowledge at the fire station. First graders were able to tour the station, learn all about the tools firefighter use to save lives, and explore the inside of a real fire truck. A huge thank you to the Amherst Fire Department for having us!  Then we walked to the Amherst Library to learn all about their summer reading program and hear some out-of-this-world stories! Thank you for always making SPACE in your schedule for SJS. After the library we walked to the park for lunch and an afternoon filled with exercise, fresh air, and fun! A grand adventure indeed!

Rock The Challenge



We were so blessed to have such a wonderful day to Rock the Challenge!

Digging for Tomorrow

The seeds were planted, the sprouts have grown, and now it’s time for them to meet their new home! We had an outdoor adventure today as we filled the planters with dirt and gave our plants soil and sunshine. The vision is taking shape. We are planting today so that others can have a better tomorrow!

Building Jerusalem

First graders had an excellent time learning all about Jerusalem and following in Jesus’s foot steps.  They were able to see photographs of where many of the well know events took place and then built a map and city out of blocks to visualize how everything fit together.  This was an amazing way to end the season!