Levers, Pulleys, and Motion

For our last Flex Day of the year students were given a STEM challenge that included vocabulary words from our Reading, Phonics from our weekly studies, and the use of levers, pulleys, and motion from our Science lessons.  Two Lego children wanted to celebrate their mother’s birthday by baking her a cake but found themselves needing our help to be able to get the ingredients up and into the bowl to make their gift. Students were asked to create a system that would help the little Lego children hoist the ingredients to the mixing bowl.  They had to be resourceful and use only items that were in our classroom.  For one last time this school year, I will say that I was truly amazed at what they were able to create from indoor recess toys and supplies that we had used in other projects throughout the year.  Their thought process has grown immensely and their willingness to continue to try new ideas and strategies when they are not successful in their original designs brings a smile to my face. I hope and pray that they continue to be curious and open-minded throughout the rest of their lives because I believe these students can move mountains if they put their minds to it. I am blessed to have been their teacher and to be able to watch them grow!

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