Oil Spills and Chemical Engineers

The first graders took a peek at what it would look like to be a chemical engineer in attempting to clean up an oil spill. We have been talking about Earth’s resources and and how we can conserve them throughout our whole school PBL. Recently, in science we examined the water cycle as well.  So how are all of these affected when we add in pollution?  Students were amazed at how one oil spill could affect our whole planet.  They learned all about how much time and money it takes for “the clean up” in our simulation.  Students were given a feather and a frog manipulative to represent the wildlife and were asked to not only clean those but to also find a way to remove the oil from the water.  They priced out supplies that were needed and set to work.  They soon discovered this was not an easy task but, with perseverance the students found ways to clean the wildlife and filter the oil out of the water.


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