The Water Cycle, Clouds and Weather

First graders learned all about the water cycle and how it affects weather.  We explored all different types of weather, in all the seasons, and what factors make them possible.  Then we created our own water cycle in a bag. The sunshine through our window began to work its magic and students were able to see just how evaporation, condensation, and rain work in our world. After learning about the various types of clouds , students were then able to take a hands-on approach by creating their very own cumulonimbus clouds.  We made our clouds “rain” by adding drops of food coloring to act as the moisture that gathers in the air until it becomes too dense and falls back down to Earth as rain,snow, sleet, or hail.  At the end of the day, one student said, “Our Earth is really cool when you think about it!” and with that, I knew our day was a success. We spent our week learning this knowledge from our books and ended with not only an understanding of it but, also a curiosity and excitement for learning.

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