Greenhouses and Lima Beans

In our everyday studies we have been exploring living and nonliving things, plants, what plants need to survive, and different environments where plants live. Students then took a hands on approach in STEM Lab to create their very own greenhouse.  The first graders were asked to recall all of the knowledge they had learned about plants when building a greenhouse that would actually grow plants.

We faced a few challenges at first. When we began to design, students had ideas that resembled an actual house. We used the Design Process and asked questions. Will our plants get enough light? Will they be warm enough? How will we get water to our plants? After a little redesigning, every group was able to create a greenhouse that would meet their plants needs. The first graders built their greenhouses and then tested the stability of their structure by moving it through the halls and back to our classroom.  They were then given the opportunity to strengthen or improve their structure.  When each group finalized their greenhouse, we turned our attention to their plants.

First, the students explored Lima beans that would not be planted.  We broke the seed open and examined all parts.  Then we selected our beans and began to plant. Each student planted their own seed with soil in a cup.  They gave their plants water and tucked them into their houses. We are anxiously awaiting to see plants beginning to sprout!

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