Kindness Counts

What is a Flex Day? A flex day gives us the flexibility to teach things we may not be able to otherwise fit into the typical schedule or to teach things in a new way. In first grade, that is exactly what we spent our most recent Flex day doing.  As most of us have all too often experienced, kindness is not always present in our world.  At St. Joseph Parish School we strive to grow the whole child so, we spent our Flex day learning about kindness.

Kindness is something that we work to always teach as educators and parents but, with life’s busy schedule it doesn’t ever seem to be covered enough. The first graders began their kindness exploration by reading How Full Is Your Bucket?

This is a fantastic book that is very relatable for children. The story displays a wonderful lesson about kindness and how it affects each of us in our daily lives. We then had a great discussion about how kindness makes us feel when we receive it and when we share it. We also explored how we can change our words to show kindness. The first graders practiced words of kindness and placed kind words into a bucket to demonstrate the lesson.  Each student was given a kindness challenge that asked them to complete 28 kind acts. Our final lesson for the day was all about how kindness is directly tied to our faith. We learned that we can share our faith with others through small kind actions every single day.

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