Spooky Spider Spectacular

In the spirit of Halloween, first grade spent last Friday studying spiders. We began this investigation to introduce our new unit in Science where we will be examining animals and their habitats.  Did you know that spiders can live in almost every habitat on Earth?  There are only a few habitats that a spider cannot live and if you’re curious about where they are…just ask your first grader! We also incorporated the current math topic in which we are studying surveys, tally charts, bar graphs, and picture graphs.  The students surveyed their peers and teachers with the survey question: “Are you scared of Spiders?” Then they each made a tally chart and bar graph to represent their findings.  First graders also learned about different types of webs that spiders can spin, how they do this amazing work, and why they don’t stick to their own webs.  A few of the web designs we learned about are the Orb web, Sheet web, and Net web.  Students concluded the lesson by creating their own salt and glue art web. For some of us, this might have been a truly terrifying lesson but, first grade lit up with excitement for this spooktacular learning.

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