Our PBL is Looking Great

Previously, First Graders made tally charts of the data collected from the “Safe Routes to School” surveys.  This Friday we past those charts along to the Kindergartners who then totaled the hundreds and hundreds of tallies.  We followed this up by working with the Eighth Graders to create charts that would display these totals as Base Ten Blocks.  Students learned that with larger amounts of data, there are different ways to display the information so that it is easier for the audience to read. The students of St. Joseph Parish School have set out to make a difference. It’s inspiring to watch them take on the challenges with enthusiasm, diligence, and a growth mindset in everything they are doing.  Our goal is to come together as a school and present this data to improve our community.  Please continue to follow us on our whole school PBL to share in our journey.

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