All Wrapped Up!

December is all wrapped up and we filled every minute with tons of activities and learning. First graders read the book Mooseltoe and were told that they were having a holiday disaster of their own.  The party was about to begin when they realized they had forgotten a Christmas tree.  They were then challenged to create a tree out of the supplies given that had to include at least 5 ornaments and a star on top. They engineered some amazing trees with their growth mindset.

Students also  made a collaborative art project, celebrated St.Nicolas Day, and learned about the joy of giving to others. We wrote letters to Santa himself and YES!!! he wrote us back. On our special Christmas pajama day we were able to read each and every one and the smiles were brighter than ever.  We also spent time experimenting with new STEM kits that I purchased for the students to think creatively and continue their love of building, learning, and growing.  What fantastic learning adventures will the new year bring us? Only time will tell!

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