Back In Action

First Graders are back in action with our newest PBL  on Food Insecurities.  After many awesome ideas, we have decided to work towards a goal. We started by researching and learning all about gardens and what grows in them.  First graders then turned their attention to Heart Healthy fruits and vegetables that would supply users with much needed nutrition.  Throughout our week in Reading and Language Arts we have been studying maps. To help put their new knowledge to work they were given the task of designing a garden map that would supply anyone who may not be able to purchase healthy foods.  They came up with some great ideas that were totally impressive. Last, the first graders have also studied weathering and erosion in Science so, I challenged them to create something for a garden that would help with these issues and/or keep out unwanted animal visitors. Ideas such as, a greenhouse with a roof that could be opened and closed, planters with a rim that would retain soil and water while making it much harder for critters to eat the produce, and a planter with a protective barrier that would allow sunlight and water but repel anything harmful to the plant, all took shape.  This was a very successful Flex day filled with STEM learning and exploration. Yep, we’re back in action and on a roll. Look out world!

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