Friday Chill

It’s been a chilly week but first graders stayed warm with 3 days packed full of learning.  We closed out our second unit in Reading, finished another topic in Math, and strengthened our faith in the completion of chapter 10 in Religion.  On top of all of that, we spent our Flex Friday morning learning more about the church and what it looks like to serve and take part in Mass.  The first graders are preparing to lead Mass next week on February 1st and are very excited!  In the afternoon, we visited the kindergarten class for a very special presentation of their research project on the forest.  The kindergarten class impressed the first graders by sharing some amazing facts about the forest and the animals that live there. We finished our day with a STEM challenge.  The fierce wind and cold have impacted us all, including our fictional friend the Abominable Snowman.  Students were told that the winter winds had knocked down his home and were challenged to build him a new one with only craft sticks, straws, Dixie cups,cotton balls, glue, and tape. So many unique ideas took shape and students remembered to put their growth mindset to work even when shelters collapsed.  It may have been a very short week but we sure did fill it with learning!

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