Assignments for 5/14/2020

Tonight we have our Google Meet at 7:00 pm. Please join us in laughter as we have our first Joke Night! Bring a joke or two to share.

Have To:

ELA- Reading Comprehension




Can Do:

ELA- Phonics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Spirit ( Random Fact Day)

Science- Pop the Top Experiment and learn more about heat here

 Art- I want the kids to work on recreating a photo from a youtube video (link below). This is something that we have worked on together about two or three times so I want to see what they are capable of doing on their own. Please encourage your child to draw the hairs and details on the pig and pancake.  I want them to draw and paint (crayons are fine if you don’t have paint) a pig holding a pancake. Your child will need a pencil, paper, paint or crayons, and a black marker. 



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