Assignments for 5/19/20

Have To:

ELA- Grammar


Social Studies


Can Do:

ELA- Spelling, Science, Religion, STEM, Spirit (Disney Day)



K-3 STEM Can Do Assignment

This week’s STEM challenge is about BUBBLES!  Watch this video to find out more about the science behind bubbles.


Design Challenge 

Part One

Measure small amounts of soap and water to create a recipe for bubble soap.  Test it.  Does it allow for you to blow large bubbles?  Do the bubbles last a long time or pop easily?  Do this several times to find the soap to water ratio that works best.  Ask an adult to help you make more of this bubble solution.


Part Two

Design a bubble wand.  Find different material in your house that you can try.  Which one works best and allows for the largest bubbles?


Have someone take pictures of you doing this challenge.  Share them with Mrs. Eads at

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