Mrs. Jamie Thompson



Contact at: 440-988-4244 ext. 311

Education: Bachelors in the Science of Education from Bowling Green State University





Welcome to the exciting adventure that is First Grade, which will be a year of growth in the areas of faith, academics, and social development. The students continue to grow in their relationship with God through service projects and studying the ways of our Catholic faith. First grade is also a year where the students truly become fluent readers who are learning to master our English language through an in-depth language program that encompasses our Reading, Spelling, and Language Arts curriculum.


Students will gain a closer relationship with God through studying Catholic prayers, worship, community, and the overall message of our Faith.


(Consisting of Reading, Phonics, Spelling and English) The students will discover the connection between the spoken and written word, including mastering all short and long vowel sounds, blends, digraphs, and endings. We begin the year writing sentences and finish by writing stories. We explore the formal writing process as well. In our Reading books we explore many different genres of literature and focus on comprehension strategies as well as becoming fluent readers.


Much of 1st Grade is spent mastering math facts and gaining a deeper understanding of how our number system works. The students are also introduced to fractions and measurement.


This curriculum focuses on helping the first grader understand how they fit into the world around them and helps them gain an understanding of just how vast and varied the world is.


1st graders begin the year learning how to be scientists and go on to explore many concepts dealing with life, physical, earth, and space sciences.


  • teacher observation
  • class work
  • workbook pages
  • participation
  • homework
  • tests and quizzes
  • oral assessment
  • performance
  • listening tasks
  • writing
  • projects


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