Ms. Mary Mullins

Teacher: Ms. Mary Mullins
Grade: 8th Grade Homeroom
7th Year at SJS
Subjects: Math (Grades 6-8), Religion and Social Studies (Grade 8)
B.A. in Middle Childhood Education (Grades 4-9) from The Ohio State University with concentrations in Math and Social Studies
Contact at: 440-988-4244 ext. 318


Dear SJS Families,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year at St. Joe’s!  I am looking forward to an exciting and challenging year with all of my students.  I feel very excited and privileged to help the students prepare for their upcoming high school years.  That being said, all students will have to earn the trust and respect that they would expect to receive as the “upperclassmen” of SJS.  I have very high expectations for all of my classes, and I know we will be able to achieve our goals with determination and hard work.

This year in math, we will be continuing our use of  the Envision program by Pearson.  This program focuses specifically on the Common Core state standards, with special emphasis on good “math practices” that include multiple strategies for understanding, completing and checking any math problem.  We have really seen the growth in our students after several years of implementing the program, and I have since seen drastic changes in the way students tackle math assignments.  This program will continue to build strong, long-lasting aptitude for math in the classroom and real world scenarios.

In Social Studies, the 8th graders will be studying American history, from ancient civilizations in North and South America through the Era of Reconstruction.  Grades will be based on homework assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects for which a rubric will be provided.  Special interactive/group projects will most likely have a participation grade also.

Eighth grade students are now eligible to receive the sacrament of Confirmation at St. Joseph Parish.  We will be using the program Chosen to ensure the students are prepared for this momentous occasion.  In Religion class, the 8th grade students be focusing on the story of the Catholic Church.  We will begin religion class by reflecting on a daily “precept” or “words to live by”.  They can relate the precept to their personal lives, a friend or relative, or current event, and should discuss the benefits of living by said precept.  We will be studying from the text Blest Are We.  Grades will be based on homework assignments, quizzes, tests and projects for which a rubric will be provided.  The students may also receive a grade for their participation in mass on Fridays.

Specials Schedule
Day 2 – A+B PHYS. ED.         C+D STEM
Day 3 – A+B STEM                C+D ART
Day 4 – A+B ART                  C+D MUSIC
Day 5 – A+B MUSIC              C+D LIB/COMPUTER