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The Indigenous People had a Farm!

The eighth grade got their creative juices flowing early in the school year by rewriting the lyrics to a childhood favorite “Old MacDonald had a farm”.  Instead they wrote about how people first transitioned from nomadic to settled lifestyles, and part of that was the establishment of farms, to replace foods that they were no longer hunting.  They replaced certain words of the song to describe aspects of indigenous people’s farms.

Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone!  I am the most excited I have been to get back to school this year and see all your beautiful faces again!  I know we are going to rise to the occasion of at-home learning and social distancing like the open-minded, resilient STEM people that we are!  It is very important this year that you go through all the beginning-of-the-year information and reach out with any questions you may have. We are ALL new at this, and are learning together.

I know all of our Saint Joe’s teachers, students and parents are going to be a supportive, flexible, and encouraging community.  Overcoming challenges is what we do! 

Summer Time!

Whoa! We did it, everyone!  I am so proud of all my sixth, seventh and eighth grade students for working so hard and being so successful during our period of distance learning this year.  You worked hard and overcame all difficulties that were put in your way.  I am very sad that we did not get to spend as much time together, but there is much to look forward to in our future!

Now is your time to run barefoot, eat watermelon, swim, camp, make s’mores, have a lemonade stand, and do ALL the summer things!  I can’t wait to hear about all you learned, experienced, and made this summer!  I’ll be thinking about all of you! 

Love, Miss Mullins

Valentine Design Challenge!

The eighth graders were challenged to design a delivery device that would hold a valentine.  Their design was meant to travel along a zip line without any force applied.  The design had to be built in 50 minutes, had to be considered “valentines cute” in appearance, be made of only note cards, yarn, straws, popsicle sticks, and eight inches of tape, and deliver a valentine in as close to five seconds as possible.  The students worked in pairs and had a lot of fun coming up with creative designs!

Eighth Grade Pollinator Research

In our focus on pollinator problems this year, we have chosen to focus on the resources bees need to live and pollinate effectively.  We recently learned that the bee population is declining due to lack of food sources.  We spent some flex time researching flowers native to Ohio, and different blooming season of these flowers.  We hope to include some of these plants on our St. Joe’s campus to support our local bee population.  The students spent some time analyzing an aerial view of our grounds and we discussed possible areas for new flowers to be planted, and a water source implemented.


In our last two FLEX days, eighth grade has done some hands-on work with equations of lines in slope-intercept form.  They had to use eight lines to create a snowflake image on a coordinate grid.  For each line, they were required to list two ordered pairs (x,y), and write the equation of the line (y=mx + b).  One the graphs were drawn, they needed to make a 3D image of the snowflake using materials from our Maker Space.  We had some unique choices to build our snowflakes with, including: spaghetti, forks, wooden sticks, pipe cleaners, beads and more!

Pollinator Expert Special Guest!

As the eighth grade narrows down problems to tackle during their PBL project this year, we felt we had to explore the current decline of pollinators that some regions are facing.  We were not entirely certain what was causing their decline, or what we could do to help.  Luckily, we had a connection to Mrs. Amber Barnes, Wildlife Conservation Ecologist.  She spoke to us about the problems that pollinators face, among MANY other things we did not know about bees (the main pollinator), and their life cycles.  We are anxious to go over all of this information and brainstorm some new and innovative ideas to help!  Thank you to Mrs. Barnes for coming in to teach us all about pollinators, and how we can be more involved!  

November Food Drive

The eighth grade class’s food drive is going strong with over 800 cans to donate to Second Harvest Food Bank at the end of the week!  We are hoping to break 1,000 items by this Thursday.  Help us beat our goal!

Real Life Rates!

The seventh grade just wrapped up a topic dealing with rates and constants of proportionality.  To test our “real life” knowledge of this topic, we headed to the gym for some laps!  Jacob ran four laps, Abbey walked four laps, Amelia “scootered” four laps, and Alyssa skipped four laps.  We recorded their time per lap to see if any of them were consistent enough in their times to demonstrate a proportional relationship.  Jacob was perfectly consistent, running each of his laps in exactly 16 seconds!  We recognized that Alyssa made a skipping “error”, so her times were not truly valid to interpret.  This class really proved their knowledge of rates in real time!

Shrine Pilgrimmage!

Last Friday our second and eighth grade students had a beautiful day enjoying the grounds of the Sorrowful Mother Shrine.  We were able to explore the shrines and grottos to individual saints and experience mass together.  We loved hearing all the stories of the healings that have happened on that holy ground.  Thanks to everyone that helped make this trip a possibility!