“Plotting Pumpkins”

As a Halloween activity, eighth grade practiced their graphing linear equations skills when provided with the equation, or given a story problem.  They worked with values in slope intercept form to begin creating graphs by first plotting the y-intercept, then using the slope of the line to create more points on the line.  Pumpkin candy corns were used as points on the line, and as snacks 🙂

Marks of the Church

The eighth grade class was tasked with representing the Marks of the Church,  by posing their bodies and using props.  They selected the above images to represent, One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. 

Math “Clue” Words

Sixth grade had recently been struggling to take a story problem and turn it into an equation to solve.  We decided to turn a previous activity into a visual for the classroom that would help us to remember what words indicated specific math operations.  Our visuals included the symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and the equals sign.

Native American Totem Poles

This past week, the eighth grade students have been learning about the different Native American tribes that inhabited North America before the arrival of the Europeans.  The students took a quiz to determine the animals that represented their individual characteristics best.  They then used those animals to create their own totem poles.  The animal with the strongest match is placed at the top, with the next strongest match below that and so on….Read the descriptions of the animals and see if you can guess which totem pole belong to which eighth grade student!

Spirit Day!

This past Friday, the Saint Joe’s students and staff celebrated returning to school and all of our awesome sports teams!  We showed off our creativity in the form of our 3D letter that we created to hang in our Maker Space!  Eighth grade was responsible for the letter “E”.  We built the letter’s frame from foam board, reviewing math concepts like total surface area and precise measurement.  We decorated our letter by melting crayon wax onto it using hair dryers.  Oh, and we did a pretty awesome dance too!

8th Grade Pep Rally Dance

Constitution Day!

The eighth grade students spent some time exploring what it means when you sign your name to something, and what it meant when the men of the Constitutional Convention signed our nation’s Constitution.  They signed our new “document” showing their support for Constitution Day being recognized as a day off of school/work.  Surprisingly enough, we had one student abstain from signing!

Math “Clue” Words

In order to prepare sixth grade for writing expressions…we organized math words by what arithmetic the words indicate we should do.  The students have a plan to take this graphic organizer and turn it into a permanent display in Miss Mullins’ classroom!  Way to use your resources sixers!!

8th Grade at Mass

The eighth grade students did a great job leading our school mass on Friday. It feels great to be back for another school year!

8th Grade Shirts!

8th Grade Parents,

Click the link below to order your student’s class T-shirt.  Sizes and payment information are entered on the website.  If ordered by Wednesday, September 5, shirts will be here by Thursday, September 20, just in time for Spirit Day!

If there are any questions, please contact Miss Mullins

Group Order Form

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at St. Joseph Parish School!  We are so excited to begin this year with our official STEM designation and all that goes with it.  Please remember to turn in the signature portion of your “Upper Hall Policies and Procedures” sheet to your homeroom teacher.  We also need your technology user agreements back ASAP so we can begin to assign laptops!  If you have any specific questions I can be reached at mcmullinssjs@gmail.com