Shrine Pilgrimmage!

Last Friday our second and eighth grade students had a beautiful day enjoying the grounds of the Sorrowful Mother Shrine.  We were able to explore the shrines and grottos to individual saints and experience mass together.  We loved hearing all the stories of the healings that have happened on that holy ground.  Thanks to everyone that helped make this trip a possibility!

Straw Bridges

While Mrs. Kermes was away at camp, the eighth graders continued work on their straw bridges.  The supplies were 13 long straws, 40 stirring straws, 1 meter of masking tape, and unlimited string. The resulting bridges needed to hold the measuring device and an attached bucket.  We had some fun testing out different designs and finding out which structures were strongest to use!

Constitution Day!

The eighth graders celebrated Constitution Day by completing a Constitution scavenger hunt!  They interacted with the primary resource to answers questions about powers of government branches, amendments, and articles of the Constitution.  Some information students remembered from prior years, other information was brand new!  We are excited to learn more about our nation’s government as our social studies class moves on!


WeWelcome to the 2019-2020 school year at St. Joseph Parish School!  We are so excited to continue this year with our official STEM designation and all that goes with it.  Please remember to turn in the signature portion of your “Upper Hall Policies and Procedures” sheet to your homeroom teacher.  We also need your technology user agreements back ASAP so we can begin to assign laptops!  If you have any specific questions I can be reached at my new email address

I will also be hosting a “Understanding Pearson” session the night of the first parent club meeting to help with questions about online homework and additional resources available for math.  Check out the Wednesday folder for specific details!

2018-2019 School Year

I can’t believe summer is here…This school year FLEW by, and I’m sad that it did.  We had so much fun, and learned so much in ways that were new to all of us.  The upper hall students this year made all of our school work and fun events that much more memorable.  Some of my favorite memories of this year include: going to the Sorrowful Mother Shrine, Our Christmas crafts and pajama day, working our our app prototype “Harvest Cart”, completing our math problem Easter egg hunt, our day trip to Pittsburgh, and painting “the rock”.  I will miss spending time in class with each and every student, because, honestly, those memories and laughs are just as dear to me as all of our other activities.  I wish everyone a fun, exciting and safe summer!  I can’t wait for you to tell me about it in August!

-Love, Miss Mullins

Crusher’s Game!

The students of Saint Joe’s had an AMAZING time watching the Lake Erie Crushers play their first game of the season.  We enjoyed fun, student-centered crafts and activities, like creating a sock planter, and experiencing a driving simulation!  We are so thankful to have been invited!


It is safe to say that the upper hall students of St. Joe’s enjoyed March 14 very much!  The seventh and eighth grade classes made City “Pi Lines” where their skyscraper heights were determined by the digits of pi. Sixth grade attempted to find pi by measuring the circumference and diameter of cylinders, and dividing them to show the ratio of pi.

All classes enjoyed pie desserts as well.  Some favorite flavors were french silk, banana cream, apple, lemon meringue, and buckeye! YUM!


Food Insecurity – Food Deserts

As part of the OSLN Food Insecurity Design Challenge, the eighth grade class has decided to pursue their idea of creating an “app” that would allow people in food deserts to receive grocery deliveries of fresh produce, protein, and dairy, if not available to them nearby.

We have been busy determining the criteria for eligibility for the program, and have recently started a story board for the app as a keynote presentation.  Students also tried our their digital graphic design skills as they created a logo for our program.

Overall we are very excited to continue our work on this challenge, and look forward to working with outside partners to make our dream a reality!

Activ Panel!


8th grade really enjoyed having the school’s new ActivPanel in our classroom for the past few days.  We used it to play some interactive matching games on our social studies terms, and to create a list of people who do and do not follow moral law.  The students were so engaged with the lessons, we can’t wait to get a permanent one for our classroom!

Food Insecurity Research

Recently, our school has become involved in the Ohio Design Challenge topic of food insecurity around the world.  The eighth graders chose to look into biotechnology, with a concentration on genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) as a potential solution to food insecurity in certain countries.  We began our research with a KNOW/NEED TO KNOW chart so we could specify our research moving forward