8th Grade at Mass

The eighth grade students did a great job leading our school mass on Friday. It feels great to be back for another school year!

8th Grade Shirts!

8th Grade Parents,

Click the link below to order your student’s class T-shirt.  Sizes and payment information are entered on the website.  If ordered by Wednesday, September 5, shirts will be here by Thursday, September 20, just in time for Spirit Day!

If there are any questions, please contact Miss Mullins

Group Order Form

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at St. Joseph Parish School!  We are so excited to begin this year with our official STEM designation and all that goes with it.  Please remember to turn in the signature portion of your “Upper Hall Policies and Procedures” sheet to your homeroom teacher.  We also need your technology user agreements back ASAP so we can begin to assign laptops!  If you have any specific questions I can be reached at mcmullinssjs@gmail.com

Happy Summer!

Greetings my lovely students, heading into summer I have a few words of wisdom which I always try to follow during our favorite time of year:

  • Run through the sprinkler
  • Eat huge slices of watermelon
  • Watch the sun set
  • Make the stickiest s’mores of your life
  • Catch fireflies
  • Set up a lemonade stand
  • Have a picnic
  • Play with someone new
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Go barefoot
  • Read, read, and read some more
  • BE A KID

Have a FANTASTIC SUMMER, and know that I’m excited to see you in the fall!

Amherst Sidewalk Survey

Below is the link for the sidewalk survey created by the seventh grade students at St. Joe’s.  Please take the survey before April 29, 2018.  We will interpret the results and create visuals to display them in order to help the city of Amherst apply for a “Get to School Safe” Grant that would put more sidewalks in our community!

Sidewalk Survey

Sidewalk Survey!

Our seventh grade class recently learned how to obtain reliable information that accurately represents the population in question.  We are going to apply this knowledge during our next problem-based learning project.  In the future, our school is going to help apply for a “Safe Way to School” grant for the neighborhoods of Amherst.  Part of the application process is surveying the public to determine the need/support of the things this grant would supply.  We began by drafting a survey, and determining how we would make it available to the public so as to receive the largest amount of responses possible, making our sample size truly representative of the population of Amherst.

Divisibility Rules!

The sixth grade spent some time creating a flip chart to help them learn divisibility rules, without having to do long division.  Having these charts has assisted the class in determining if numbers are prime or composite.  This skill is essential when finding the prime factorization of numbers!

Analyzing Primary Sources

This week, the eighth grade learned about events that lead to the American Revolution.  One of the main events was the Boston Massacre.  The students analyzed different primary sources including newspaper articles and images and noted differences in which group was portrayed as the aggressor.  We discovered the images and texts created right after the incident were used as propaganda to persuade colonists to join a certain side of the Revolution!

Spirit of Independence Hall of Fame – Who to Induct?

Here’s a sneak preview of the eighth grader’s nominees for the “Spirit of

Independence Hall of Fame”!  Final projects to be unveiled at our

St. Joseph Parish School Open house this Sunday from 12-1:30!

Come cast your vote for who should be inducted!

10 Commandments Activity

During our first religion class back from Christmas break, the eighth grade class played a game reviewing the Ten Commandments!