This month in music….


Kindergarten is exploring the differences between fast and slow, high and low. We have been “Chugging” around the room to Engine Number 9!!

1st grade has started mixing our love of Halloween with reading and writing Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes.



2nd Grade has mastered all four instrument  families with a game of “HEADBANDS”. We have begun “Peter and the wolf”.



3rd Grade created an add for an imaginary instrument made up of two instruments. They had to sell it to me!



4th grade also finished their unit on instrument families!

5th Grade began a unit that combines music listening experiences with Language Arts. We began our music journal by listening to a piece of music and writing about how it made us feel and why.

Grades 6 had an AWESOME time on Flex day in a Public speaking class with me and  using our Performance Skills to be great speakers.

Grade 7 is working on their Cultural Music project and creating a class Passport.

Grade 8 has begun their Christmas Rap projects. Using the elements of RAP you may be in for a surprise at our concert!!!!

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