Challenge Island!

We had our first “reverse field trip”! Ms. Teri from Challenge Island came in to teach us about Antartica and penguins. We learned about the location, climate, and natural habitats of penguins. Did you know penguins waddle, hop, and toboggan to help move through snow? We were assigned to a tribe and got to wear cool tribe bandanas and face paint! Once our tribe was together we designed a penguin toboggan ride using different materials. Then it was time to test our toboggan on the ramps! We added weights to see if our toboggan would move fast or slow! We can’t wait for our next Challenge Island in March!


Catholic School Week

This week was a very important week at our school because it was Catholic School Week! Each day we focused on a different topic. On Monday, we focused on our community and made valentines for Elmcroft nursing home. Tuesday we focused on our students and celebrated by having a dance party with glow sticks and balloons! Wednesday we focused on our nation by reading I Pledge Allegiance by Pat Mora. Thursday we focused on vocations and played Bible Bingo! Friday we focused on our staff and visited Kindergarten! This has been a great week! 

Fishing for ice

Our science experiment this week required us to fish for ice cubes with a piece of string! We were not able to pick up any ice cubes with just the string. We added a sprinkle of salt on top of the ice cube and used our string again to pick up ice cubes! It was a fun experiment.

I am not just a box!

This week we are learning about using our imagination! We began our day by reading Not a Box by Antoinette Portis. We learned we can use our imaginations to turn a box into something else! We turned our boxes into houses, rocketships, unicorns, horses, and garbage cans. Here are some pictures of our work.

Last day celebrations!

We celebrated our last day before winter break by watching Polar Express and drinking hot chocolate in our jammies! SJS Preschool wants to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Preparing for Christmas!

We have been busy the last two days in preschool preparing for Christmas. Our students made a special present for their parents. Once our special present was complete we needed to wrap it. We discussed what materials we would need: tape, wrapping paper, boxes, tissue paper, scissors, ribbon, bows, and a gift tag. We set up a “wrapping station” in our classroom! Here are some pictures of us learning to wrap a special present!

We also were able to visit the Kris Kringle shop and purchase gifts for our family members. Thank you SJS 8th Graders for helping us complete our shopping trip! We loved it!

Christmas Program

Our preschoolers have been working hard since the end of October to prepare for our Christmas concert. They all did wonderful singing their sounds to their parents and families. Thank you Mrs. Whiteman for putting on an amazing show this holiday! Here are some pictures from the program. 


Welcoming Gumdrop!

We returned from Thanksgiving break and found a special box waiting for us in our classroom! It was an elf! We read the story Elf on the Shelf and participated in a class vote to choose a name for our special elf. We named him Gumdrop! Gumdrop will be in our classroom watching us up until Christmas. After we named our Elf we began working in our Elf Journals. Each day we will draw and write where our elf is. We are very excited to add another friend to our class!