Community Helpers visit Preschool

Children loved learning exercises.


Children loved learning about different animals to see in the Metro Parks.

Police officer Crossan introduced us to his partner Roky. We learned how Roky helps him on the job.



Children enjoyed listening to Halloween stories. They also learned how to sign different main words in the story.

Mrs. Born who is a parent and teacher of one of our students read a story about the alphabet. She also talked about what teachers do. Children learned teachers get to school early but don’t live at school.


Children loved flying in the Gym with our Pilot. We had to follow the Air Traffic Controllers instructions.

Children loved learning what Mrs. Stanley does for the Amherst Public Library.

Children loved meeting our Firefighter and seeing the inside of their truck.

Children were excited about meeting an Engineer and designing and building Roller Coaster seats.


Friday, September 28th, 2018
No School for Preschoolers ONLY

                                              Preschool Teachers in Service


Friday, October 12th, 2018

No School Preschoolers thru 8th Grade

All Teacher in Service Day


Pictures are worth a thousand words. Please, view our pictures. Children loved doing beach Yoga, jumping imaginary waves, flying like a sea gull, and playing parachute  beach ball,




Children enjoyed listening to a story and learning what an author and illustrator is. We will be visiting our Library every month.