What Makes a Song Sound Good?

Today, students were given a question from StartSOLE that provoked curiosity and collaboration. They had to research different ways that make a song sound good. Students had to present their reasons and provide different song examples for each. Some even showed off their dance moves!

Hurricane Experiment

Last Friday, students in 7th grade read an article on Hurricane Maria that swept through Puerto Rico and destroyed hundreds of homes one year ago. They had to build an infrastructure as tall as they could out of a few straws, popsicle sticks, note cards, string, and tape while balancing a tennis ball on top that would withstand a hurricane.  The hurricane was simulated using a fan and spray bottle. Students had to strategize how they could build something sturdy and tall while using very limited resources.

Summer Reading Assignment

Dear Students and parents,

Once again, St. Joseph School is assigning a summer reading book for students entering Grades 6-8.  We want to stress the importance of reading to help build language, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Students are expected to purchase, read and annotate the book Wonder by RJ Palacia. PLEASE NOTE: this book needs to include the Julian chapter at the end. Students should return to class in August ready to discuss the book and have the attached assignments completed.

Also attached is a reminder on how and what to annotate while reading.  You ma annotate directly in the book or use sticky notes.

CLICK here for entire Summer Reading Assignment.

Also, the St. Joseph School Library has a summer reading log for students in Grades 6-8.  Read 3 books and you will be entered into a drawing for a gift card or a free book at the SJS Bookfair in November.  This is Due Sept 7th.  CLICK here for the paper.

7th grade surveyors

Recently, the 7th grade class had the opportunity to work with surveyor and parishioner Pat McGannon to evaluate a drainage issue on the parish property. The students were taught how to use the surveying equipment to collect data, and they came up with possible solutions to resolve the issue. The students took part in writing the final report as well. The 7th graders learned a great deal from this project and we can’t thank Mr. McGannon enough for this wonderful hands-on STEM opportunity.

Techno Day!

Last Friday, the 6th, 7th and 8th graders visited Lorain County Community College for a Techno Day! The students visited their Fab Lab where they were able to engrave their own dog tags. They also took an electronics class and a computer digital forensics class.

Electronics class:

Fab Lab: