About Us


The mission of Saint Joseph Parish School is to provide rigorous curriculum rooted in faith in an environment that fosters self-reliance.  Students are immersed in social justice teachings and 21st century learning to help them achieve their maximum potential.
School Overview:
St. Joseph Parish School is a STEM designated school in the Diocese of Cleveland. We serve students ages 3 and 4 in our preschool program, offering 2 day, 3 day, and 5 day options. We serve students in grades K-8 in a Catholic environment that is centered on Christ’s values of love, truth, and service. We also offer an Extended Day program for both preschool and day school students.
Philosophy of Education:
St. Joseph Parish School blends the traditions of a Catholic school with 21st century skills and learning experiences. The teachers and students are guided by a STEM model of curriculum, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math on a daily and weekly basis. Students are taught about the engineering design cycle, growth mindset, Engineering Habits of Mind, and participate in STEM Lab each week. The school on a whole uses Problem-based Learning (PBL) to practice all of these things and solve authentic problems. The overall purpose of each of these areas is to raise disciples of Christ that are ready for the world that is waiting for them. Through this hands-on, rigorous educational approach, we can help each student realize the gifts that God has given them and guide them to use them to help the world around them.
St. Joseph Parish School follows the curriculum set-forth by the Diocese of Cleveland, which is in line with the Ohio Department of Education standards. We use MAP testing to measure student growth over time and to set goals for students and teachers.
St. Joseph Parish School is fully accredited through the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association (OCSAA). Our current school improvement goals are:
Catholic Identity- The students will increase their knowledge of and grow in their application of the Ten Commandments by making moral decisions based on our Catholic faith. 
Academic- The students will increase their mastery in the areas of media/technology skills, innovation, and life and career skills through the use of problem-based learning across all curricular areas.
School Capacity:
The ratio for our preschool class is 1:10 for all age levels. There are a maximum of 20 students in each class.
The maximum capacity for grades K-8 is 225 students with a goal of having a maximum of 25 students in each class. Educational aides are used in grades K-2 based on class and student needs.