This week SJS focused on the Engineering Habit of Mind, Curiosity.

For curiosity the teacher showed the students a clear container, paperclips, and turned the water on. The students had to think and share what they thought the teacher would do with those three things. After someone guessed what they would be doing, she filled the container up almost all the way with water, and the students made a predictions about how many paperclips it would take to make the water overflow. They then began putting paperclips in to test their theories. The class counted to over 400, and the water still did not overflow.

All Classes
All classes in grades kindergarten through 8th grade were given a box. The students were to use the Engineering Habit of Mind, curiosity, to drive their discovery of what was in the box. The second grade played Twenty Questions. Other classes used other techniques to discover the each box contained various puzzles. After guessing that


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