SJS recently practice the Engineering Habit of Mind, collaboration.  Here are some of the activities our classes participated in.

Seventh Grade
The 7th grade collaboration activity actually involved a project in English class. The students read the play, “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street,” and were put into groups of 4. They had to create a new, peaceful ending to the story, write and memorize a script, and perform for the class.

After discussing collaboration, the students collaborated with their classmates to stack and then build a tower with plastic cups. The students could not touch the cups with their hands; they had to use a rubber band that had string tied to it to move the cups. They learned that they had to talk with their group and agree on when to pull the strings and where to put the cups. Kindergarten has also worked on collaboration by drawing one picture with a partner that could only have 1 Christmas tree, 2 snowmen, 5 snowflakes, 4 clouds, and snow on the ground. Before completing that project, they discussed how important it would be to make a plan before drawing and to make sure they agreed on what they would draw before they began.

Second Grade
The second graders did a project to decorate our door for the holidays. We split into three groups to make an idea and presented to these ideas to the class. The class then picked the best ideas from each group to go on our door.

Eighth Grade
For collaboration, the eighth graders had an add-on part to their ‘O Antiphon’ project. Each set of partners rewrote the lyrics to “O Christmas Tree” so that they reflected the seven Antiphons chanted in the seven days before Christmas Eve. The final portion of the project was for the entire class to collaborate on a single song using different lyrics written by each pair of partners.

First Grade
First grade worked in groups to add required elements to a Christmas tree. The groups decided who in each group would be best able to draw the items listed to embellish their group’s picture.

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