Balancing Robots

Topic of Design Challenge: balancing robot
Essential Question/Problem being solved: Design
a paper robot that can balance on your finger.
Subjects involved: Science
Grade(s) involved: kindergarten and first grade
Brief Description: Kindergarten and first grade learned about balance in phys ed class. They then applied what they learned to this challenge. The students were give a robot template to color and cut out of card stock. They were then challenged to balance the robot on their finger. When this proved impossible to do they recalled what they learned about balance from Mr. Johns. They concluded that weight needed to be added to the robots. They were then given two pennies and a small amount of sticky tack to use to apply the pennies to the robot. After some testing of the placement, all concluded that the robots balanced better when the weight was evenly distributed. The student then had fun learning to balance their robot on their fingers, on the end of a pencil, and even on their noses.


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