Wind Powered Rockets

Topic of Design Challenge: wind powered rockets
Essential Question/Problem being solved: Design and build a rocket that can be launched using wind energy.
Subjects involved: Science
Grade(s) involved: grade 2
Brief Description: After learning about they types of energy from first grade, the second graders were tasked with building a rocket that they could launch using wind energy. The students were given a rocket template to color as well as provided with two different types of straws and tape to use to construct their rockets. Many students began by taping straws to their rockets. After testing, they realized this was not a viable option. On the second attempt many students found a method that worked. They taped one straw to the rocket and inserted a smaller straw into that one. They used the second straw to apply the breath needed to force the second straw and the rocket upward. Other students took more time and made several adjustments to their design before they could get their rocket to launch. This challenge also reinforced the the Engineering Habit of Mind, resilience that was discussed earlier in the day, as well as provided the second graders an opportunity to practice the design cycle.


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