Engineering Habits of Mind- Resilience


Second Grade
To practice resilience the second graders worked on logic puzzles. They began by solving one together. Then they were given a puzzle to solve on their own. Each time they were given a new puzzle it became more challenging to solve. Resilience was needed when the students’ attempts failed and were asked to persevere and try again.

Fifth Grade
Fifth grade practiced resilience as they tried to build a house of playing cards with a partner.

For kindergarten’s resilience activity they watched a video about a llama who really wanted to get some berries, but many things kept getting in his way. He didn’t give up and eventually got a berry. They then talked about how we can give ourselves a pep talk when things are hard. They practiced saying “I can do this”. The students then worked in pairs to throw the 5 erasers into a cup. It was challenging, but the kindergarteners didn’t give up and kept trying until they got some or or all ion the erasers in the cup. You could hear many students saying “I can do this”. After they finished, they talked about the challenges they faced, and what they did to overcome the challenge.


Sixth Grade
The sixth graders showed resilience when trying to solve a riddle.

Four people need to cross a bridge in the middle of the night to escape zombies. The bridge can only hold two or less people at any time and they only have one flashlight so they must travel together (or alone). The flashlight can only travel with a person so every time it crosses the bridge it must be carried back. You can cross in 1 minute, the Lab Assistant can cross in 2 minutes, the Janitor can cross in 5 minutes, and the Old Professor can cross in 10 minutes. If two people cross together, they can only go as fast as the slower person. The zombies will reach the bridge in 17 minutes. How can everyone cross the bridge in 17 minutes or less?

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