Last week the students were given a design challenge to design and build something out of a cardboard box that was useful.  Each class had to collaborate and work together to create one project to bring to morning meeting.  Here is what each class created.

8th grade- birdhouse

7th grade- suggestion box for the library

6th grade- a wheeled bin to carry lunches

5th grade- remote controlled box

4th grade- lined doghouse with storage for toys

3rd grade- recycling bin

2nd grade- lost and found container with labeled compartments

1st grade- storage system for classwork and items from desk

kdg- pillows for the reading area

After each class presented their creations, we talked about innovation.  How can these items be changed to add value and set them apart from similar items that have already been produced?  So, each class is going back to the drawing board to redesign their product in an innovative way.  I look forward to seeing the new versions and prototypes they come up with.

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