Kindergarten Design Challenge

The kindergarteners were issued the following design challenge in STEM Lab.

The Empire State Building in NYC has approximately 100 floors (1454 feet tall). Georgette, a baby gorilla, wants to climb it like her hero, King Kong. Her dad, George, thinks that is way too tall for such a small gorilla to climb. Collaborate in groups of 4 or 5 to design and build a tower/building that is at least 100 cm tall for Georgette to practice climbing on.

*The tower must be free standing.
*It will be measured from the floor up.
*You can only use tape to assemble your building.
*You may only use 15 total items from the list below in your construction.
plastic lids
zip ties
toilet paper tubes
large plastic straws
drinking straws
cotton candy holders
cotton swabs
popsicle sticks
craft stick
coffee filters
uncooked spaghetti noodles
pipe cleaners
foam bricks
plastic forks
wooden skewers
cardboard sucker sticks


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