Innovative Redesigns

The students of SJS really showed some innovative thinking when they redesigned their cardboard box design challenge.  Here is what they come up with.

8th grade- birdhouse with an elevator for injured birds

7th grade- suggestion box for the library with a flag and dial alerting staff how many suggestions have been made

6th grade- a wheeled bin to carry lunches with a shelved mechanism inside to remove the lunches in an organized way

5th grade- remote controlled box was changed to a box that is transported by a drone so it can deliver things to the home-bound or handicapped

4th grade- lined doghouse with storage for toys with a feeding system that is run remotely by an app

3rd grade- recycling bin with innovations TBD

2nd grade- lost and found container with labeled compartments and a clothing rack for hanging items that will possibly locate the owners by using DNA

1st grade- storage system for classwork and items from desk that will now sort the papers that are turned in for the teacher and alert him/her if any student has not turned in the assignment


kdg- pillows for the reading area that is now capable of connecting to technology so a story be listened to


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