Protect the Pringles

Grade 8 participated in a short design challenge where they were asked to design and build a way to protect a Pringle dropped from a 6 m height, using only 4 inches of tape and one sheet of newspaper.  After a successful attempt, the students then redesigned their package to use even less materials.  The then shared what was learned from the activity with the rest of their classmates.



Newspaper Chains

Can you build a chain out of newspaper that is strong enough to hold a bucket of water?  Our 4th graders did just that this week in STEM lab.  The chain needed to be 4 links long and could not be attached to the bucket.  You could only use one sheet of newspaper to make this happen.  All the students had to really use the design cycle plan, build, test, while working on this task.  Many failed at their first several attempts, but showed resilience and didn’t give up!


Engineering with School Supplies

After reviewing the design cycle, the the second and third graders were given an opportunity to practice using it.  They were tasked with building the tallest tower they could using only the supplies in their school box or pouch.  the tallest tower built was just over 32 inches tall.



Summer Fun

Happy Summer!  I hope you have a relaxing break from school and get outside to enjoy the nice weather.  Remember to continue to have an open-mind and to try new things.  If you are not successful, practice resilience and keep at it.  Let your curiosity lead you to do “STEMMY” things.  Be resourceful and build something useful with items you find.  Spend some time reflecting about how to improve your design.  Collaborate with a friend to see what new things you can do.  The world is out there to explore!

Bird Feeders

Grades 4 and 5 were challenged to make bird feeder.  Here are some a few of the pictures I received.




Distance Learning

Last week grades K-3 were given a design challenge to complete at home.  They were simply asked to practice the design cycle and use Legos to build a symbol of spring.  Here is what some students created.




Celebrating Saint Joseph’s Feast Day

Grade 4 was given the chance to learn about woodworking and the tools a carpenter uses to honor the feast of Saint Joseph.



Icy Trees

The second graders learned all about classifying triangles in STEM lab.  Different types and sizes of triangles were assigned point values and hung on free-standing trees.  The students needed to work collaboratively to design and build these trees and meet the multiple constraints that were given during this challenge.


7th grade STEM Lab

The 7th graders have been working collaboratively on a series of design challenges.  Pictured here are the results of the net building challenge.  The net need to be able to hold at least 2 fish, have a handle that was six inches long, and wouldn’t hold water when used.



The kindergarten class learned about the Engineering Habit of Mind, resourcefulness, this week in STEM lab.  The define it as not wasting the stuff you have for your projects and recycling things you have to use in a new way.  They then used some of the materials in the makerspace in different ways.  They collaboratively designed an built puppets.  Some students used buttons for eyes or mouths and toilet paper tubes for puppet bodies.  Q-tips became arms and legs, and bottle caps became feet.  The students were very creative in using the materials given to them to bring their puppets to life.