Our Last Math Topic!

We our working on our last Math topic in Kindergarten where we describe and compare attributes of objects. We have been talking about weight, length, hight, and capacity. Our lessons are filled with hands on fun that promote a love for learning. Today after our lesson, students were split into groups and one group measures insects using cubes and recorded their answers and the other group counted blocks to measure the length and width of a polar animal and recorded their answer. We rotated groups so all students did both activities to work on using cube trains to measure the length and width of an object.

Building A Simple Machine

Our last science chapter is called On the Move and we have been learning about force and motion and gravity and a little about simple machines. The students were given a small cardboard box and had to put items in it to make it heavy to push. We then talked about how we could add axels and wheels to make pushing heavy things easier. The Kindergartener’s got to decorate their wagon and attach the wheel and axel and then test it out!

B is for Bubbles

The second day of our ABC Summer Countdown was a lot of fun! In the morning we used chalk to draw bubbles on black construction paper and in the afternoon we went outside and played with bubbles.

ABC Summer Countdown- A is for Artist

The countdown to the end of school has begun in our Kindergarten classroom. We are going to be doing an ABC Summer Countdown to celebrate the end of our amazing school year. We started our countdown with the letter A for artist and worked on drawing pictures with markers and then created snails using construction paper and glued them onto a leaf. We are excited to continue our countdown to the end of the year!

A Wonderful Wednesday!

The Kindergarten classroom was filled with fun on Wednesday! Students were able to bring in their favorite stuffed animal as a class dojo reward. We did an Easter bunny directed drawing and a sneaky e activity that we used watercolors to reveal the e in long vowel words. We also did an Earth day writing, took a picture of it, and recorded ourselves reading to put on Seesaw to share with our classmates. Our afternoon was spent creating flat, 2-D shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows and we ended our day outside having an Easter egg hunt!

Learning All About Seeds

The Kindergartners had a special guest in their classroom this week. A master gardener came in to teach us about seeds and how plants grow. We got to see and touch seeds and learned about small and large seeds. We learned about the soil seeds need to grow in and then got to plant marigold seeds to grow in our classroom. The students took what they learned in Science and things they learned about while working on our PBL to connect information to the presentation. They had so much fun planting and learning more about seeds!

We Published A Book

The Kindergartner’s spent a long time working on publishing a class book. They got to be an author and illustrator and collaborate with their class on what kind of book they were going to write. They decided that they wanted to write a book about if they were a troll and tell readers what their name would be, their hair color, and what they would like to do. We had to make a rough draft for our books and then we made our final copy and sent it in to be published. They were so excited to get their published book back and share them with the class.

Building Number Sense

Our latest math topic focused on counting to 100. To end our topic we worked in centers to build a giant hundreds chart, a small hundreds chart, matched numbers on a hundreds chart, filled in a blank hundreds chart, and working on building numbers using tens and ones to practice place value.

Writing Letters To Our Classmates

We have been working very hard on writing word and sentences and have started to work on writing letters. Students picked a popsicle stick with their  classmates name on it and thats who they had to write a letter to. We worked together to begin our writing then students were able to finish them. We then shared our letter with our classmates we picked. After we received our letters we wrote back to our friends. It was fun to ask our classmates questions, give compliments, write silly jokes to them, and draw a nice picture for them to enjoy!

Celebrating Success

A few weeks ago, we received our Winter MAP testing results and our scores showed that our whole class had exceeded our goals that we had set!! They were surprised with dirt cupcakes to show how proud I am of all of their hard work. Students then sat down with me to set goals for our Spring MAP tests and are working very hard in the classroom so they can reach their goals!