50 Days Of Kindergarten

Kindergartners are 50 days of school smarter! We used our skills we have learned about writing sentences and spent some time in working on writing sentences on our dry erase boards.

Pumpkin Investigation

Our Science lesson on Halloween was all about pumpkins. We observed the pumpkin to see what it was like on the outside and then carved into it to see, smell, and feel the inside of the pumpkin, we even tried to count some of the seeds after putting them into groups of 10. After we investigated the pumpkin we put dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar in the pumpkin to make it erupt. We had so much fun doing our investigation!

Our Trip to the Aquarium

After wrapping up our big science unit on Animals, we took a field trip to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium to learn more about aquatic animals and their habitats. We learned all about freshwater and saltwater habitats and got to see many fish. We also got to try and touch the Sting Rays and a Box Turtle. On Friday we are going to create habitats for some of the animals we saw on our trip.

Prayers and Pretzels

This week in Religion we have been learning about praying and that when we pray we are talking to God. We also talked about how our bodies should be when we pray, what we can pray for, and that we will try and pray more throughout our day. We then talked about how a long time ago Catholics would cross their arms to pray and it looks like pretzels. On Friday we made pretzels and are now reminded that the shape of pretzels can remind us to pray every day!

An Afternoon of Learning and Fun!

We spent our Friday busy expanding on what we learned this week. We made a 3D church and in reading we sorted pictures by beginning sounds we learned, read alliterations, practiced finding verbs and nouns in sentences, and did a practice spelling test. In the afternoon we talked about Bats and what we learned about them in our Science Spin Magazine then we made our own bat houses and presented them to the class. The final projects were awesome! We also used gummy bears to practice graphing and using tally marks. We finished our day by doing a science experiment to make gummy worms move!

How Do Arctic Animals Stay Warm?

We are learning all about animals in science! We talked about a Polar Bear being white so it can blend into the snow and how they stay warm. We watched a video to learn that they have 4 inches of fat/blubber on them and 2 layers of fur. We then dipped our finders into cold “arctic” water and then put our fingers in the bag that had blubber (shortening) on the outside and dipped it in the water. We learned that the Polar Bears can stay warm in the cold Arctic habitat because of its blubber.


Living and Nonliving Things

This week we started learning about living and nonliving things. We watched videos to learn what a living thing and nonliving thing needs and saw examples of living and nonliving things. We made a book filled with examples and  a giant tree to display in the hallway that has pictures of living things on it. Then we compared gummy worms and earthworms to see which one was living and nonliving. When observing the gummy worm and earthworm we talked about which one eats, grows, and breathes. We found out that a gummy worm is non-living and an earthworm is living.

Kindergarten read Jonah and the Whale, watched the Veggie Tales movie of it, acted it out, read a poem, and then made a whale to show what happened with Jonah and the whale. We have also been working hard on practicing our sight words and used our bodies to spell this weeks sight word.

Counting and Writing Numbers




We are wrapping up our first Math topic and have been working hard on counting and writing numbers 0 to 5. To review what we have learned we used dice to throw in the middle of our circle  and then we counted the dots and wrote the number we rolled.

A Peek At Our Week

We started our week off with learning about Constitution Day. We watched a video, had a discussion, and then made our own Kindergarten Constitution and signed it with our handprint. After our Math lesson we worked in Math centers to practice counting, making patterns, practicing writing numbers, making numbers with play dough. We read Hickory Dickory Dock in Reading and created a foldable project to put the story in sequence and to display in the hallway. In religion we were talking about stained glass and made our own stained glass picture and went to the church to view the stained glass. In Science we have been talking about our 5 senses and how we can compare, observe, and measure objects. We have also been talking about the tools scientists use. On Friday we had a guest from the Amherst library come in and read us a book. We had a fun, busy week full of learning!