Library STEM Activities

In Library this week, we ended up with some extra time to explore our STEM bins.  WOW!!! Did we get creative.

Exploring some STEM activities

We had some extra time in Library this week, so we explored some of our STEM bins.  Wow! Did we get creative.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Advent is upon us


It’s Rhyme Time!

We have been working on rhyming words in our classroom and were able to create a dust bunny named Bob to help up find rhyming words. Before creating our dust bunnies, we spent the week finding words that rhyme. We watched Jack Hartman’s Exercise, Rhyme, and Freeze video and worked in groups and together to find words that rhymed. During small groups we worked on rhyming puzzles and did a write the room activity.

All About Bats!

Last week Kindergarten spent the week learning all about Bats. We made bat books and learned lots of interesting facts, watched videos, did a bat directed drawing, and then created a cave for a bat on Friday. The students worked together to paint the cave and then in the afternoon they got to put their bat cave together!

Reading Centers in Action

Everyday Kindergarten students participate in Reading centers. During centers students work on activities to strengthen skills. They work at the teacher table to get small group instruction,read books on the Ipads and in the library, they are exposed to many word work activities that change throughout the year to promote reading skills, build things from the STEM center, and work on writing in our writing center.

Thank You Friends of the Amherst Library!

The Kindergarten students had a visitor on Wednesday from the Amherst library. They listened to our guest read them the story Giraffes Can’t Dance and then were given their very own copy of the book to add to their library at home. They were very excited and grateful to have a guest come read to them!

Is It Living Or Nonliving?

Our Science Unit is all about living and nonliving things. This week we went on a nature walk to find things that are living and non living and we drew pictures of living and nonliving things in a booklet. We also tied in Religion because we are learning about Creation so we sorted living and nonliving things God created in our world. Today in Science we got to be scientists and observe gummy worms and Earthworms to determine which one was living and which one was nonliving and why. We concluded that gummy worms are nonliving (and delicious) and Earthworms are living!

Roll, Count, Trace

After our math lesson, we got out a giant dice, number tracing paper, and then took turns rolling the dice and tracing the numbers using our best Kindergarten writing. The students had a lot of fun rolling the dice and working on getting all of the numbers traced. It took us a long time to finally roll all of the 3’s!