“Stem-Tasctic” Friday


Our Friday started with talking about collaboration. We then collaborated with classmates to stack and then build a tower with plastic cups. The students could not touch the cups with their hands, they had to use a rubber band that had string tied to it to move the cups. They learned that they had to talk with their group and agree on when to pull the strings and where to put the cups. Kindergarten has also worked on collaboration by drawing one picture with a partner that could only have 1 Christmas tree, 2 snowman, 5 snowflakes, 4 clouds, and snow on the ground. Before completing that project, they discussed how important it would be to make a plan before drawing and to make sure they agreed on what they would draw before they began.


Our day ended with design cycle practice. Last week a special elf, that we named Buddy, came into our classroom from the North Pole. When he arrived we read the book, Elf on a Shelf so today the students were asked “Can you build a shelf for an elf? They took a few minutes to think of a plan. Then they were each given an elf that they had to color, could cut out, and then fold him so he would be able to sit. Once that was completed they were all given a small container of Play-Doh and popsicle sticks. They had to use at least 5 popsicle sticks and the Play-Doh to build a shelf for their elf. Once they built the shelf, they had to put the elf on the shelf to make sure he could sit there. If the shelf fell over or the elf didn’t fit on the shelf they had to go back and try again.

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