Arctic Research


Kindergarten learned about all different kinds of habitats in Science and then voted on a habitat they wanted to research. They were then told that we would turn our library into the habitat we chose and present our research to another class. (This was very exciting to them) The Arctic won our vote and we quickly began our research. I had read the Magic Tree House book, Polar Bears Past Bedtime, and there were many facts from that book that we remembered which helped us begin our research. We watched many videos on the weather and animals that lived there. We looked at books from the library, found articles online and read them, and used QR codes to scan and get information on Polar Bears and Penguins. After we completed our research and had many discussions, students were paired with a partner to present information about the Arctic. They worked with their partner and decided what facts they wanted to share, we practiced, and then turned our library into the Arctic. On Friday the 8th graders, Miss Mullins, Mrs. Makruski, Mrs. Eads, and Mrs. Whiteman came in to watch them present their Arctic project. They did an awesome job researching and presenting all of the information we had learned!


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