The Gingerbread Man

We spent part of our Friday reading the book The Gingerbread Man, making a Gingerbread boy and girl, and then doing a Gingerbread STEM activity. After we read The Gingerbread Man, we made Gingerbread’s to hang in the hallway. We then went on to discuss what happened at the end of the story and how the Gingerbread man jumped on the foxes tail but was still eaten. We talked about that if he had a boat he could have made it across the river. Students were then given the challenge of creating a boat for him to cross the river. They were given 1 piece of foil, 1 toothpick, 1 piece of triangle paper for the sail, 1 piece of tape, and 1 Gingerbread Man. They had to fit their Gingerbread Man into their boat and it had to have a sail. They did a great job creating boats for him to cross the river!

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