Ms. Rose


Teacher:  Ms. Rose

Grade: Kindergarten

Contact:  440-988-4244 ext: 310

Education: Bachelors in Early Childhood Education from Ashland University


Kindergarten is such a fabulous year for all of us!!! I love teaching  and enjoy working with the children because of the enthusiasm they bring each day into the classroom. We are going to learn so many things this school year through engaging activities including games, music, field trips, the ACTIVboard, stories, manipulatives, the National Geographic Young Explorer, a new magazine titled Studies Weekly that teaches Social Studies, and so much more! I am looking forward to a great school year.

The goal of our Kindergarten program is to provide each child with a variety of educational opportunities and experiences. The child will interact within his/her natural, social, and educational environment to build a foundation for learning throughout life.

Our Religion lessons introduce the students to the loving goodness of God and they become aware of God’s love for them through the beauty of God’s creation, the people, and events in their lives. The children learn to appreciate their own uniqueness and are encouraged to pray and perform acts of kindness, sharing, and helping.

Reading Readiness has already begun with the family unit and continues throughout a lifetime. Our activities focus on learning left to right and top to bottom progression, eye-hand coordination, recalling story details, sequencing, following directions, classification, rhyming words, letter recognition, sound/letter correspondence, and reading short vowel and sight words. Stories are read daily so the children learn to enjoy and appreciate books.

Our Math Readiness includes rote counting, correct formation of the numerals 0 thru 9, numeral recognition from 0 to 100, sequencing numerals to 100, one-to-one correspondence, geometric shapes (two and three dimensional), patterns, measurement, money, and getting ready for addition and subtraction. At St. Joseph’s we use a “concrete” approach to introduce math concepts, utilizing manipulatives with the children actively engaged in the lesson.

Since our Kindergarten program is full-day, we can offer a complete curriculum which includes art, music, physical education, computer, science, social studies, health and safety, and reading enrichment. The students are encouraged to work and play cooperatively, to build healthy relationships, and improve social skills. Individual attention is given to a child experiencing difficulty with a new concept or specific objective by the teacher or aide. A loving, caring, and nurturing environment for each Kindergarten child is a priority at St. Joseph School.

Kindergarten students will receive a quarterly report that will show skills they have or have not mastered yet and a list of goals to be working on for that quarter. They will receive a report card at the end of the first semester of school in January and the second semester report card is sent home on the last day of school. Kindergarten students do not receive letter grades on their progress reports, but they are assessed on satisfactorily achieving specific skills in the curriculum. The grading scale is “S” for satisfactory and “N” for needs improvement.