Orientation Information

“The purpose of the Catholic school is to have frequent encounters with Christ.”

St. Joseph School – “A Higher Standard”
Mrs. Amy Makruski, Principal
Mrs. Robin Hunker, Secretary
School office (440) 988-4244
Attendance line (440) 988-8296

Ms. Kayla Rose, Kindergarten teacher
Kindergarten Curriculum:
Religion with a service project, Mathematics, English Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language (conventions, effective use, and vocabulary), Phonics (Wilson and MCP), Handwriting (Manuscript),  Social Studies,  Science,  Music, Health and Wellness, Computer , Physical Education, Art and Library.

Our Goal:
To develop the necessary skills in your child so that they
will become a life long learner who is:
*technologically literate
*academically and spiritually competent
*a critical thinker
*a problem solver

Dress Code:
Kindergarten students follow the school’s uniform policy.  The guidelines are listed in the Family Handbook.  Dress clothes may be worn for picture day, the Christmas program, the Spring concert, and graduation.  Athletic shoes or school shoes with socks must be worn.  K shoes must fasten or tie.  No light-up, musical, fad-type shoes, or shoe boots may be worn.  If boots are worn to school due to the weather, they will be removed and left outside the classroom door.  The student will put on their athletic/school shoes which should be in their school bag.

Classroom rules:
Daily award slips/notes will be sent home with your child.  Classroom rules are posted: listen to others, follow directions, work and play safely, keep to your own space, respect others’ property, and work quietly.

Food may not be brought in for birthday’s. You may send in money for the class to receive a slushy at lunch. A game, puzzle, or book may be donated to the classroom in honor of the child’s birthday.  Summer birthdays are celebrated at the end of May so all students receive a birthday note.

Parent Helpers:

Requests will be sent home with your child.  Chaperones are generally needed for field trips.

Lunch money:

Please send lunch money, tuition money, book orders, etc. in separate envelopes clearly marked with your CHILD’S FULL NAME and REASON FOR THE MONEY.  Ice cream/slushies may only be purchased by the Kindergarten students on Wednesday.  This money must be in an envelope/baggie with your child’s name printed on it.

Report Cards:
Report cards will be issued twice a year for Kindergarten students – January and June (First and Second semesters)
Conferences are twice a year (November and February) by appointment only.
November conferences will be for all parents.  A progress report will be given for the students at this time.
February conferences – request of the teacher or parent.

Grading Scale:
Report card scale: S = Satisfactory      N = Needs Improvement
Daily work: Star = Work that is well done and complete; the child showed effort in completing the paper    S = Satisfactory work
√ = Needs improvement; little or no effort was put forth in completing the work

Miscellaneous Notes: 
Please check your child’s backpack and folder daily.  This is our way of communicating with you, the parent, on a daily basis.  Look for:
School papers, art work, homework notices, and school forms
Notes from the teacher
Wednesday folder from the school office
The dismissal bell rings at 2:15pm.  The Kindergarten students will leave the classroom after the bell and parents must pick up their child at school door D (east door by the convent).  The teacher will dismiss the children to the parent or person designated by the parent.  Students riding the bus will be dismissed by Door B.  Those children attending extended day will be walked to the extended day room by the teacher.
A Note/E-Mail must be sent to the teacher if a change in the regular transportation or pick-up person is to occur.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  We cannot allow any child to go with an adult other than the parent/guardian unless we have prior notification.  If your child generally rides the bus and you decide to pick up him/her, we need to be informed.  Without a note, e-mail, or phone call to the office, we must put the child on the bus.
Please tag your child’s book bag with the bus number that he/she will be riding home from SJS.  Let us know how your child will leave at the end of the school day by  completing the form about your child’s transportation home.  This form is due on the first
day of school.

If your child is absent from school, a note from the parent/guardian is required upon their return to the classroom unless a phone call or an e-mail was sent to the office concerning the absence.  The attendance number is 988-8296.  Classroom work will be collected for the child and given to them when they return to school.  Some work may be required to be completed in the class with the assistance of the teacher or the Kindergarten aide.  If the child will be absent due to a family vacation, the classroom work will be collected during their absence and given to the child upon their return to school.  Work will not be given to the student to complete while on vacation.

The classroom door will open at 7:15 every morning so that the students may begin their school day.  You may come into the classroom with your child the first week of school.  You are welcome to stay until class begins at 7:30am.

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