Writing Letters To Our Classmates

We have been working very hard on writing word and sentences and have started to work on writing letters. Students picked a popsicle stick with their  classmates name on it and thats who they had to write a letter to. We worked together to begin our writing then students were able to finish them. We then shared our letter with our classmates we picked. After we received our letters we wrote back to our friends. It was fun to ask our classmates questions, give compliments, write silly jokes to them, and draw a nice picture for them to enjoy!

Celebrating Success

A few weeks ago, we received our Winter MAP testing results and our scores showed that our whole class had exceeded our goals that we had set!! They were surprised with dirt cupcakes to show how proud I am of all of their hard work. Students then sat down with me to set goals for our Spring MAP tests and are working very hard in the classroom so they can reach their goals!

Our Maps!

After spending a few weeks learning all about maps, the Kindergartners were ready to create their own maps. They were given a green piece of paper and have to have at least 2 roads and one body of water such as, a pond, lake, or river. Many students made their maps 3-D because they wanted to create a bridge so the water could be below it. They worked very hard on creating their maps and making a map key once they were done. We ended our map unit by  sharing our maps with our classmates.

All About Maps

This week we have been learning all about maps. We read a few Social Studies Weeklies, watched videos, and created our own pirates map. Even STEM lab this week was all about making maps and globes. When we get back from spring break we will finish our unit by making a map of a town and using a key to show what each place on our map is.

Air Is Everywhere!

This week in Science we learned about the Earth. We learned that the Earth is made up of land, water, and air. We know that there is more water than land on Earth and that we can’t see air but we can feel it. We made wind catchers and went outside to feel that the air is everywhere. We also learned that wind moves in different directions and can blow stronger at different times.

Reading Buddies

We celebrated Read Across America day by inviting the 7th grade students to come in and read with us. The Kindergarten students chose a book that they could read and a harder book to read with their buddy. Both classes really enjoyed reading with a buddy and are excited to do this again!

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

This week we celebrated Dr. Seuss since his birthday is on March 2nd. We read many of his books throughout the week, and on Friday, Mrs. Tran decorated our classroom with characters from his books. We also read a Let’s Find Out about him and watched a video. We made hats from the cat in the hat with rhyming words on them and enjoyed Dr. Seuss themed snacks.

All About Money

This week we started talking about money. We looked at real money, read books about coins, read a social studies weekly about money, and sorted coins. We also made a show me the money booklet where we colored coins and a dollar bill and put them all together to review coins. We will continue to practice reviewing coins throughout the rest of the year by listening to The Money Song.

The Biggest Snowman Ever

Kindergarten spent part of their flex day reading, The Biggest Snowman Ever and then they were challenged to make the biggest snowman. They were given play dough, yellow string for a scarf, beads, an orange straw as a nose, and a straw to make arms. They spent a lot of time rebuilding their snowman to make it taller. Once they were finished we we measured them with a ruler and wrote how tall they were on the board.

We Are 100 Days Smarter!



Kindergarten celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up like they were 100 years old. We read 100 words, made a necklace with 100 fruit loops, did 100 exercises, counted to 100 by 10’s and 1’s, and counted 100 dollar bills and pennies.We had a fun filled day!