Groundhog Day Activities

Kindergarten spent some of their Flex Friday learning all about Groundhogs. We read our Let’s Find Out to learn about things Groundhogs do and where they live. Then we went on to talk about Phil and how he predicts if we will have an early spring or 6 more weeks of Winter. After talking about this, students made predictions on whether Phil would see his shadow or not an then they made a groundhog. After our writing activity, we made a burrow to keep a groundhog warm, cozy, and safe.

All About Weather

We have started learning about weather and seasons in Science. We have read many books about weather and worked together to draw pictures to show the different types of weather. We will continue to read many books about weather and seasons, do fun science experiments and activities during this unit!

Seesaw- a digital portfolio

Kindergarten has recently started using the Seesaw App which is a digital portfolio where students get to create and complete assignments. We worked together to complete 3 assignments. We did a rhyming activity and 2 activities that involved our focus letters this week. Students used Emojis that began with our focus letter, once they were done they submitted it. We will also use this app to share our writing pieces we do, by taking a picture of it and reading it, practice reading cvc and sight words, reading sentences as well as practicing math skills. This application allows students to share what they have done with their classmates and work together to complete activities.

Forest Research Project

Kindergarten has spent the last two weeks learning all about the forest as part of our habitat research project. We read books, watched videos, and read articles about the forest and the animals that live there. Once we completed our research, we put the information we learned in our research books and then made our animals for the forest. We then had to put our forest together and added many things such as a waterfall, trees, bushes, shrubs and our animals. Some students even put their animals in dens and burrows. We practiced sharing the information we learned about our animal and then invited the first and seance graders to come in and see our presentation. It was a lot of hard work and the Kindergartners did an amazing job!

Build A Den For A Polar Den

Last Friday, students were given the challenge of building a den for a Polar Bear so he can stay warm in their cold Arctic Habitat. Students wear paired with a partner and given toothpicks, marshmallows, a polar bear cut out, and a paper plate. They have to work together to be able to put their Polar Bear inside of its den.

Penguins: Down Feathers Vs. Waterproof Feathers

In Science we have been learning all about animals and their habitats. We spent time reading our Let’s Find Out about a Fuzzy Penguin Chick. We read and talked about the life cycle of a penguin chick and learned that they have down feathers and then they go through molting to get waterproof feathers. After reading about this, we tested out down feathers and waterproof feathers. Students worked with a partner to color the adult penguin with a black crayon and glued cotton balls on the chick. Once they completed this, I went around and squirted water on the chick and adult. Students were able to observe what happened to the penguins.

Back to School

Our first day back to school was filled with learning and fun. We shared our favorite things we did over break and made goals for the new year. We also learned about lights and shadows and did an activity with dinosaurs to see how shadows get bigger and smaller. We are off to learning about subtraction in Math and met Linus the Minus (Gus the Plus’ brother)

Merry Christmas!

Three Wise Men Directed Drawing

Kindergarten has been learning all about the story of Christmas. We have enjoyed reading about the three wise men so we did a directed drawing of them. They all turned out different and so unique and the students enjoyed looking at how everyones turned out.

All About Plants

We have been learning all about plants in Science. We learned about the different types of plants, what they need, their parts, and the life cycle of flowers and pumpkins. We also made flowers and labeled them and learned about vegetables that grow on the top of the dirt and below the dirt, we did activities with these topics to display in the hallway. To wrap up our plant unit we read a The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and then used magnifying glasses to observe and sort many different types of seeds.